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Monday so far

I went to bed a little after midnight, and I think I conked out pretty quickly.  I woke at 6:30 a.m., but went back to bed, and conked right out again, until 11:15 a.m.  I had been doing better.

I called the local medical center because I have eczema on my eyelids and one eyelid is swollen now.  I had been using Eucerin eczema relief cream, but I guess that's a palliative, not a cure.  I have an appointment with Dr.J.B., my GP, tomorrow morning so she can look at that.  I made an appointment with the opthamologist for late March, for a routine eye exam.

I have an appointment today, then I might stop at the grocery store.

Later: I made it to my appointment.  I tried afterwards to find the high school where one of my "night school" classes is being held, and tooled around the area for a while without finding it.  I finally found a familiar road and headed home.  There's a stop sign at the top of my usual exit to go home, and I was rear-ended there.  I didn't stop, because there wasn't a good place to stop.  I looked at the bumper when I got home, and didn't see any new marks on it.

Later still: Dad looked at the car, and found a place where two panels had separated a little.  He popped it back into place.  I went out and about again.  I got a reminder call about tomorrow's appointment with Dr. A., the sleep specialist.  I had been doing better, but not so much lately.  Usually I've been getting up around 10:00 a.m., though.

I texted with J.PA and chatted with Riah.  I read fic.  I did laundry.

I started reading Go Tell It On the Mountains, the third book in a series.  One of the characters who was in the first two books had died, and it bummed me out.  It's still a good book, though.
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