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It's actually kind of cool how some people who are m/m romance fans get into gay rights politics.  I'm sure a fair proportion were interested in gay rights before, but it seems like a certain number find entertainment from gay romance novels and follow the stories of gay characters on soap operas, then start to learn about the politics.  I complain often enough about some of the books being unrealistic, but if the author is good at characterization, he or she can make protagonists the reader cares about.  Then there's sometimes this transition from entertainment to caring about real-life issues.

Why "the personal is political" reflections?  Eskimo Kiss Project did a blog post this weekend about the situation in Uganda:  (Thanks for the heads-up, Lisabea.)  The Ugandan government may well pass an "anti-homosexual" bill that could make "repeat offenders" subject to the death sentence.  There are already laws there that jail LGBT people.  Aspects of this go back to formerly colonized nations rejecting "Western influence," as if there was no same-sex activity among Africans before the Europeans got there.  Blaming foreigners for bringing in sexual practices is very old.  The English blamed the French, and sodomy was called the Florentine vice because so many men in Florence were supposedly doing it.  Considering that for some decades, men in Florence weren't generally allowed to marry until they were in their thirties, and the women were kept very guarded, there's apparently more than a grain of truth involving the activities of the Florentine men.  Anyway, the European nations are way past that, and even in America, it's legal in all states to have same-sex relations.  It took until 2003, but it's legal now.

It doesn't really surprise me that Dennis Grabosch is political about gay rights, and I can understand why Ulrike Roseberg, who plays Annette, is also concerned about the issue.  It's good that they're asking for allies, and getting them.  I usually don't care for celebrities using their visibility to push their political views, but this doesn't feel like that.  It feels like much more of a human rights sort of thing.  Even the m/m romance Yahoo group has members who are political about gay rights, and post serious articles.  I'm happy there are these connections between people enjoying the romance and then making that jump to real life issues.
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