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Sunday so far

I turned off the computer by 10:30 p.m. and read quietly for a while.  I went to bed shortly after midnight.  I'm pretty sure I must have been asleep before 1:00 a.m.  I woke at 8:30 a.m.  I sat under my light for a while.

I tried the loganberry jam.  It was kind of like raspberry, but sweeter.  It was pretty good.

I chatted for a while with Jamie.  Zie said it was -29 C or -20 F in zir part of western Canada.  That sounded awfully cold.

There was a new chapter of die_traumerei's fic, C8H10N4O2, and I read that.

It started snowing in the early afternoon.  I wasn't feeling super-ambitious about going out, but Mom and I went to Boscov's, a tri-state area department store.  They had winter accessories on sale.  I got two winter hats, three pairs of fuzzy socks and a pair of slipper socks for $12 total, so that was pretty good.  Mom got a pair of tan shoes that were cheap and only slightly too big, which is better than she's done at shoe shopping for at least two years.  We looked at the grocery store parking lot, but it was full, and we decided to get groceries another time.  It was still a very productive trip for us, though.

Later: YMCA-P. called, and we talked for a bit.  I read a new Steve and Bucky fic by Poe which was very good.  That universe's Bucky was writing a m/m romance set during World War II.  I said I'd read another fic where Bucky wrote m/m romance.  That fic, "Crush," was very different but also very good.  I said I'd read m/m romances set during World War II.  The classic is The Charioteer. I also mentioned "Snowball in Hell."  I still have mixed feelings about Diane L. Browne's big reveal, but that's still a great story.  I wish she'd written a sequel, but one way or another it's stayed in print for years.  I forgot to mention Right Here Waiting, which had its origins in a Kurt and Blaine "World War II AU."  Except for the chronology being straightforward in Right Here Waiting, it was much the same.

Later still: Mom and I watched "Downton Abbey."

Poe posted the first couple of chapters of a new fic in the "Island of Misfit Boys" series.  I read that, and then I went back and read the previous fics, and then it was 11:30 p.m.
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