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quiet again

Mom and Dad went down to Baltimore to meet my brother's fiancee K.'s parents.  Apparently they had a nice lunch with them.  Then they helped my brother pack some of his things in preparation for moving to K.'s apartment.  I'm told J. sent along a huge box of CDs to be put in storage, as he has the music on his computer and iPhone.  He said I could look through it, and load the music I like into my iTunes and iPod.  I'll have to tell J. that I'm getting a lot of use out of the iPod.  I put it on and listen to music when I'm ready to go to sleep, and I take it with me when I'm out shopping, so I have something to listen to when I'm in line.  It's especially nice to have it for grocery shopping.

Watched Friday's episode of One Life to Live on  I'm getting into the stories of some of the other characters.  Still uninterested in the tweens' stories, but I like some of the veteran actors, particularly the older generation of the Buchanans.  Oliver doesn't seem to want to find out if he's Sierra's father.  Kyle seems pretty determined to know the truth.  I'm sure Kyle will find some way to get a DNA sample from Oliver.  However, Sky is trying to step up and take responsibility for the baby he thinks is his.

On the Gays of Our Lives channel, you can vote for your favorite fan video from the German soap operas.  (  I'll have to watch a lot more Verbotene Liebe before I know where all the clips from those videos come from.  One of the fan videos had what must have been outtakes from Alles Was Zahlt, with Dennis G. mock-sparring with the actor who played Bulle.  That actor is now playing a villain on Verbotene Liebe.  He certainly does a good job playing villains.  There was another clip, probably an outtake, that I don't remember from AWZ, with Roman kissing the back of Axel's neck and Axel having a semi-horrified response.  But my favorite AWZ fan video is about Deniz, to the tune of Oops! (I Did It Again).  It so captures the spirit of the eighteen-year-old Deniz, screw-up that he was.
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