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Friday -- Christmas

I turned off the computer at 11:00 p.m. and conked out before midnight.  I only got a few pages into the_wordbutler's Christmas fic.  I woke really early and actually got out of bed at 7:00 a.m., ungodly early.  It wasn't even light out yet.

I sat under my full-spectrum light for a bit.  I was really hungry so I went down to breakfast.  J. and K. were sleeping on the pull-out sofa bed, but Morris the puggle was alert to people being awake, and barked quite a bit.  He was also intensely interested in people food, but once he realized that Mom and I weren't going to feed him from the table, he went and ate his dog food.

I guess we'll open presents when J. and K. get up.  I finished reading the_wordbutler's story.  I texted P. and WhiteSheepCBD to wish them a Merry Christmas.

A few hours later: We opened presents after J. and K. had breakfast.  I gave them dollar store mugs and dollar store travel mugs.  The travel mugs are ones you can draw a design on paper to put as the layer between the clear plastic outside and black plastic inside.  The regular mugs were Christmas mugs.  I had filled both kinds of mugs with tea bags of varieties of tea.  I had K. come over to where I have my large bags of boxes of tea and take many different varieties.  They said they were short on mugs, so they were pleased with the mugs, too.

They gave me an organizer for the beads I use to make costume jewelry earrings, and little plastic bags to put beads and earrings in.  They gave Mom a Phillies flag.  I don't know where we'll put it, but it was nice of them to think of her.

We had lunch, and then they headed back to Baltimore while it was still light.

A few hours after that: I had texted Ms. F. to wish her Merry Christmas, and she called back and left a message starting with, "It's Jesus' birthday!"  I left a message back.  I texted a little with A., who was enjoying his day off and taking it easy.  We'll probably talk on Sunday.  I called Uncle P. to wish him and the family a Merry Christmas.

A little later than that: I had wished Jules a Merry Christmas, and she answered.  We chatted for a while.  I don't know what started me on a rant about what it's like to be liberal and live in a conservative area, and about dealing with people who don't believe in science.  If you ask many people around here to do what they interpret as deciding between God and science, they go with the bits and pieces of the Scriptures that they pick and choose from, and choose "God."  It's bad enough there are nursing aides who don't believe in science, but you get nurses who don't believe in science, either.  Jules is a scientist.  I hope she understood how scary that is.

I wrote to Predatrix to both wish her a Merry Christmas and Boxing Day, and to rant a little to her about disability.  Like I see the "actually autistic" tag on Tumblr in the corners of Tumblr I hang out in.  Apparently a lot of able-bodied people believe that if you can communicate on the Internet, you're not "really autistic."  Some of these are parents of "really autistic" children.  I was to some extent thinking of Weeds and Riah when it came to communicating on the Internet.

I said to Jules that I wished that able-bodied people wouldn't speak for disabled people.  I was thinking about how Teile spoke for groups she wasn't in and insisted she knew better than members of those groups, including disabled people and transgendered people.  If I remember right, and I may not, she was saying something like, "Nothing about us without us."  Apparently that's a disability thing, and she is not disabled.  There was a lot of that in Glee fandom, straight people speaking for gay people, white people speaking for people of color, etc., etc., and insisting they knew better than members of those groups.

Later still: Pred wrote back and I wrote back again.  I was feeling talkative.  We talked about disability in the Marvel universe.  I said there was Daredevil, whose other senses had been heightened when he became blind, so that was an example of the compensation Pred had an impression of.  I also said there were characters who became evil when they tried to cure their disabilities, like Curt Connors became the Lizard in the Spider-Man comic books and movies.  So there's a "good disabled characters become evil when they're cured/seeking a cure" trope, like much of Iron Man 3.  How disability is treated in the movie is problematic on a number of levels in a number of ways.  "So wrong on so many levels," to quote MST3K.

Riah had told me that fic writers appreciated it when you commented on their old fic, even, and I've heard back from a couple of writers who'd written a fic in 2013 or so, when I said how I appreciated the fic.  There was a new chapter of "Waiting Room," which I may comment on tomorrow.
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