neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Wednesday so far

I went to bed around 1:15 a.m. and woke up naturally at 9:15 a.m.  I don't think it took me very long to get to sleep, so I got about eight hours of sleep or so.

It was foggy in the morning.  I sat under my full-spectrum light.  I sorted out the fic I've downloaded.

In the afternoon, Mom used her first vacation day from the university library to go to the church library to work on books there.  I went with her, figuring I should get out of the house.  It was raining.  We spent about an hour in the church library.  It was getting dark by 4:00 p.m., so we called it a day.  It was dark by the time we got home at 4:30 pm.  I texted some with WhiteSheepCBD.
Tags: books, friends, reading

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