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Saturday so far

I was exhausted from my busy day.  I turned the computer off at 11:10 or so, and went to bed an hour later.  I didn't go to sleep.  I must have eventually drifted off after an hour or so, because I woke up at 1:50 a.m.  I was determined to try to go to sleep again, and that time I don't think it took me very long to go to sleep.  I woke a couple minutes before my alarm, at 9:55 or so.

I had cardamom puerh tea and am sitting under my sunlight-like light.  It's sunnier outside than it has been, but it's very cold, so I'm unlikely to go outside and sit in the sun.  I got yesterday and today's free books from ARe.  I think I had heard of today's, Love the Way You Lie, but that may have been the title of another book, too.  There was a free Kimani book from Harlequin, too.  I got that.  I have so much I could read.  I downloaded some Avengers fic last night, too, but was too tired to read the new chapters.

Later: Mom and I went to [borough].  It ended up that J.-PA was working, so I put her card between her door and screen door.  We went to the dollar store and then the grocery store where J.-PA works.  I said a quick hello to J.-PA.  It was a successful shopping trip.

After we got home, Dad and I watched Avengers: Age of Ultron.  It was his first time seeing it.  I had seen it in the theater, but hadn't seen the end bit with Thanos.  I'm sure Pietro will be back.  Vision and the Scarlet Witch are canon Avengers.  I think the next movie is Captain America: Civil War.  I'm worried because the Internet says that at the end of Civil War, Captain America gets killed off.  I'm sure he will be back, though.

Later: I read fic that was "Alternate Universe -- modern setting" and "Alternate Universe -- no powers," which is a lot of what I've been reading.  (When I'm not reading Alpha/Beta/Omega fic.)

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