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Wednesday so far

I turned the computer off at 11:15 p.m., after commenting on some AO3 fics.  I told Vo she was a good writer, and commented on "War, Children" by Nonymos, which has an FtM Steve.  I went to bed at 12:15 a.m., but couldn't get to sleep.  I took Benedryl at 1:00 a.m.  I'm not sure when I got to sleep, but I slept until 11:15 a.m.  It wasn't great, but it could have been worse.

Dad went off to his weight-loss class, but I wanted to sit under my sunlight-effect lamp for a while, and get something like sun.  It looks gray out today, though I think it's still relatively warm.  I went through e-mail.  I rarely read the digests from the Goodreads YA LGBT group, because when I look at one, there's always someone having a breakdown/emotional crisis/issues too big for a reading group to help with.  I deleted a lot of those.  I think I'll only look at certain topics in the group, those threads which hopefully don't have people having a breakdown in the middle of the thread.

The free ARe book today was actually a m/m one.  It looked familiar, like I'd already gotten it elsewhere.  I got it in various formats anyway, and posted to the Goodreads Backlot Gay Book Forum about it being free.

I need to make more comments on the fics I've enjoyed on AO3.  I am one who reads a lot, but doesn't comment much, and I really should comment.

Slightly later: I recommended the mute!Bucky fic to Colton and Weeds.  It's got a lot of good stuff about disability.  I texted WhiteSheepCBD to say hello.

Later: I did Christmas cards.  A. is an atheist, so I wished him "happy days off" and a Happy New Year.  I wrote cards for the garden club ladies, other real life people, and some I talk to on the phone, like A.

Later still: Mom and I went to the grocery store in the early evening, so at least I got out of the house.  I chatted with Riah for a while.  I looked over my latest editing job.

I did laundry.

I printed out the editing job, because I couldn't focus that intently on a computer screen for that long.  I think I line edited the original stories, because it looks familiar.  The names seem to be spelled consistently throughout, which, considering that author, makes me think I had a hand in it.

I commented on some of the Avengers fic I liked.  Some was old fic, but hopefully the writers will see it.  Riah said that fic writers love comments.  I recommended "War, Children" to Sam.  I wished Jamie happy holidays.
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