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I got out of the house for a little while today.  I got Soap Opera Digest at the grocery store, and said hi to P., then stopped at the Barnes & Noble.  They had the new Christine Feehan "Game" novel, so I got that.  I am not much caring for her "Dark" (Carpathian) series lately, but the last "Game" book was pretty good.  It's got a different flavor from the "Dark" series.  I haven't read the latest one in the "Dark" series, but I'll get around to it.  I hope it's not all "treacly" about babies like the previous one was.  That's not what I'm looking for in a paranormal romance.  I don't want the women to be too helpless and focused completely on their children to the exclusion of any relationship with their husbands (well, mates or whatever).

Soap operas: One Life to Live: No Oliver today, but a few scenes with Kyle.  I'm waiting for them to meet up again.  They have much to catch each other up on.  Oliver Fish won the TV "Gay of the Week" at AfterElton (  Apparently the readers loved having him in that action-adventure role.  Scott Evans, who plays Officer Fish, will apparently be coming to the Gays of Our Lives event (  I'm excited about that.  I bet those last few tickets go very quickly, with that news.  I guess he's one of the few stars who lives in the New York area, as One Life to Live is filmed in New York.

Alles Was Zahlt: Had a little scene with Roman and Deniz having dinner with Marian and some of the folks living at Marian's apartment.  I count at least five people living there now.  So much for Deniz worrying about Marian living all alone.  Axel is busy putting his scheme into motion.  It will be fun to see his rematch with Max.  This time Axel will be ready for it.  I'm really enjoying his scruffy look.  It's actually rather flattering on him.  The beard and longer hair give him a bit of a dangerous look, which I wouldn't have ever expected Axel to pull off.

Verbotene Liebe: I was trying hard not to watch it out of order, but I watched the clip from this week's Gays of Our Lives.  Christian in his riding outfit, with those boots, is smokin' hot, and Olli is no slouch in the handsome department either.  Jo Weil, who plays Olli, has the most beautiful eyes.

GZSZ: I watched the AfterElton clip from this as well.  Lenny is trying very hard to find Carsten and apologize to him.  Carsten wants nothing to do with Lenny, who set him up to be gay-bashed.  Lenny's parents are not turning a hair in accepting that Lenny is gay, or at least in love with Carsten.  I'm actually hoping to see more scenes with Lenny and his parents talking some of it out.  At least Lenny isn't hanging out with that horrible gang of thugs anymore.  I like Carsten's friend Dominick, too.  He's a sweet guy.  The show will most likely get Carsten and Lenny back together, which I am conflicted about.  I feel like they have a lot to work out, and work through, but having a lover who set you up to be beaten nearly to death?  What sane man would want that?  As much as Carsten loved Lenny, I still don't think he should forgive him. 
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