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Dad was home sick today.  He went to the doctor, who said he had sinusitus.  I hope he doesn't share.  He also made it out to Jo-Ann Fabric for a scissors, knife, and garden tool sharpening person doing his thing there.  I got my Felco pruning shears sharpened, though as of last year they were razor sharp, sharp enough to slice open my thumb when I was cleaning them.  I've used them on some fairly thick branches and rose canes since then.  Those shears (secaturs?) are supposed to be able to cut through an inch-thick branch.  I don't have the strength in my hands to close the shears with that circumference of branch in them.  Besides, we have loppers for thick branches, and a pruning saw, which I'm too clumsy to use.  I'm good with the loppers.

I got out to the university.  H. and I were going to transcribe the interviews we did with a professor who had headed the women's center there for a long time, and with the mentor of the GLBT group.  With seven people or so in the office, it was a little too noisy for us to concentrate to do it.  So I just hung out there for a while, basking in the sparkle.  I forget what J. said, but H. dared him to say something more gay than that.  I said, "Look who you're talking to."  J. had found silver nail polish, and was wearing it today.  It did look pretty.

Somehow the conversation got onto dressing up guinea pigs.  No, I have no idea how that started.  People were naming outfits and parts of outfits they could wear.  J. contributed by saying you could dress them up in little fan hats.  I said that was even more gay than what he'd said before.  He was somewhat offended, I think.  After all, he hadn't been meaning for it to be part of the dare.  He was just being himself.  I figured that any of the other four or five gay men in the office could contradict or confront me about it if they wanted to.  J.'s boyfriend was there at that point, I think.  J. later said that instead of blood going through his heart, he had glitter.  No one contradicted him on that, either.

H. was doing a presentation on trans issues for that evening's GLBT meeting.  I thought that would be an interesting one to go to.  She'd forgotten her bookbag in my car, and when we went out to get it, we saw that it was really starting to snow.  I decided I really had better go home before I ended up trying to get out of the parking lot with half a foot more of snow on the ground.  I'll have to get her to tell me about her presentation.  She said the group included two F-to-M folks and a M-to-F member, although none made it to meetings very often.

Soap operas: AWZ had a little bit of Deniz.  Roman is apparently back in Plauen.  As the Eskimo Kiss Project people predicted in fear in one episode summary, the show is turning into "Zoe and Celine: The Teenage Years," and Zoe's only been back for about three episodes.  At least the EKP ladies can cut those parts.  There was some Ben and Katja.

One Life to Live had Gigi and the baby, Sierra, falling into the icy lake.  Gigi ended up lifting Sierra practically above her head to make sure she didn't get dunked.  The guys managed to rescue them, although Gigi went under just as they rescued Sierra.  I'm still not sure where Fish found the rope.  He ended up holding the baby while Rex slid across the ice on his belly to get Gigi, with Schuyler holding him by the legs.  Oliver instantly bonded with Sierra, saying, "You'll be all right.  No matter whose little girl you are.  Don't you worry."  At least he got the chance to cuddle the baby.

So today between real life and TV, my day was filled with sparkle.  Any combination of D.M., D.S., J.S., and J., and you would swear there were trails of glitter all through the office.  M. was there, and J.'s boyfriend, and some of the straight women allies who are members of the group, but none of them have quite the same level of sparkliness.  Oh, I almost forgot the best part -- D.S. was holding a big pink stuffed bunny on his lap for much of the time he was in the office.  It would have taken too long for me to explain, or find clips of Roman holding a bunny, but I was laughing on the inside.
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