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Saturday so far

I went to bed around 12:30 a.m.  It took me a while to get to sleep.  I woke at 8:45 a.m., feeling congested.  Perhaps that was from my flu shot.  I felt less congested after a while.

I had written to Uly and Dad's siblings late last night to see if any wanted to meet me in Montclair for dinner.  I have tentative plans to meet WhiteSheepCBD there for lunch.  Uly got back to me last night.  He said that Montclair wasn't too far from him.  I texted some with WhiteSheepCBD today as Mom and Dad and I had our shopping adventures and she went to BookRiot.

As for our shopping adventures, Mom and Dad and I went to find the Burlington Coat Factory store in Claymont, DE.  After an accidental detour onto 95 N, we found it in the Tri-State Mall.  Mom didn't find the coat we she was looking for, but the cashier/customer service person called the Springfield store for her.  We stopped at Total Wine on the way back, and Mom got her sherry and white zinfandel.  We stopped at Trader Joe's.  They had had an issue with the coconut cranberry granola cereal, so they didn't have it.  That was what Mom had been looking for.  I got a number of things.  It was a good trip for me, although aside from the liquor store, the trip was kind of a bust for Mom.

Vo updated "The Ballad of the Three-Legged Werewolf," and I read the new chapter.  I will work on my latest editing job today.

I did laundry.  I sent a hippo picture to Aunt P.T., from the Friday Night Friends' trip to the Camden Aquarium.  I have a hippo postcard, too, that I should send her.  I called Aunt P.T., and she said that Montclair was a ways for her to travel, and that she didn't drive at night.

I chatted with Riah for a while.  YMCA-P. called, and we played phone tag for a bit, until he got me right after I was done talking with my aunt.  Then we talked for over half an hour.
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