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Sort of just skipping through some blogs this afternoon, and saw some flame wars from last year.  It again shows how authors who respond in a mean or threatening way to bloggers, even those bloggers who say cruel things, will never live it down.  The blame goes to the author, and will be thrown back in his or her face every time he or she disagrees with anything, or sometimes it will be thrown back randomly.  The author has the outlet of fuming in privacy, to trusted friends, but not in a public forum.  He or she can be classy, and take the high road, difficult as it must be to not be drawn into it.  It seems so easy for anonymous people to say hurtful things.

There are reasons authors use pen names.  The writers should be allowed some privacy, and to have their personal lives stay personal.  Authors may not want all their co-workers at a day job to know what they write, especially if they work in a conservative profession.  That's a perfectly legitimate wish.  It seems to be all right for authors to share some details of their lives in their public personas, but rather important to keep it controlled, and preserve the privacy of their families. 
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