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exciting dinner

We got dinner from Chick-Fil-A, as we do about every couple weeks, at least.  Mom decided to heat her sandwich up more, in its original foil-lined packaging.  Oops.  We heard loud popping noises coming from the direction of the microwave, then saw a flickering light.  Mom stopped the microwave and opened it.  The bag was on fire.  "Put a pot lid over it," I said.  Mom kept taking the pot lid off before the fire had a chance to completely be snuffed out.  "Keep the pot lid on it for a couple of minutes," I directed.  The point is to not let it re-ignite on contact with oxygen, but wait until all the oxygen is used up and the fire has burned itself out.  We used to have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.  Dad thought it might have ended up somewhere in the dining room.  You figure that after twenty years, the charge for the propulsion has expired anyway.  Actually, you're supposed to get a new one at least every couple of years.  At least I remembered an alternative.

Soap operas: *spoilers*  Alles Was Zahlt had Roman and Deniz together.  (Yes!)  Deniz called Roman his "Honeybunny" -- in English in the original, not only in Aldi of EKP's translation.  I was hoping we'd see them for together for Valentine's Day.  It's like a valentine for the fans.  I'm still trying to decide if "Honeybunny" is just too sappy.  "Knopfchen" was kind of cute.  Anyway, they were happy to see each other.

One Life to Live: Looks like Oliver will get another chance to save people, as Gigi and his guppy are out on the middle of an only partially-frozen lake.  Gigi seems smarter than some of the other characters on the show -- why would she keep walking across the thing once she realized it was a lake?  I suppose she was dumbed down for the sake of the plot.  I don't think the show would kill off a newborn -- premature, even -- baby.  The suspense will probably go on for at least a couple of days next week.  After Elton is also loving that Oliver is getting to be an "action hero."  (  That's what I've been saying -- how often on a network fiction TV show do you see a gay man as one of the leaders in an action-adventure plot?  Not that I've watched much TV over the last several years, but I'm not thinking of any shows offhand.  Will post on whether any of the One Life to Live characters remember that you're supposed to lie down if you're on ice of an unknown thickness, so your body weight is more distributed.  From what I understand, Oliver was originally written as a font of geeky information.  Maybe he'll come up with that one.

I'm still reflecting on how the show treats him and Kyle like any other characters, and how refreshing that is.  There have been plenty of gay actors who played action-adventure hero roles.  There are quite a few shows and movies which have had gay characters as villains, or characters the audience would perceive as gay as villains.  Some shows have gay characters appear as part of a "Special Episode," never to be seen again.  It's so cool to see a gay character being a hero on a show.  (Not to mention the openly gay actor playing a hero role.)  It's rather incredible to me that it's a soap opera which is doing so well integrating the characters.
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