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Some very interesting commentary on Eskimo Kiss Project about today's episode of Alles Was Zahlt (  I've noticed that slash fiction fans want there to be other m/m relationships between other characters on the show.  I can understand slash fiction much better when there are shows with all the male characters being straight, but at least a pair of whom have a slashable vibe.  I don't get it so much when there are gay characters in the show's canon.  I don't think it qualifies as slash, exactly, if the characters are gay to start with.  Roman was gay to start with, and apparently never meant to be straight-acting, though he was closeted the first year or so (?) on the show.  Deniz was meant to be gay to start with.  It was only later that the show changed that and paired him up with women.  But some of the show's fans would like to see Lars and Oliver have a relationship.  I would think it was great if the show added other gay characters, but I'm not such a fan of changing a character's sexual orientation either from gay to straight or straight to gay.  I don't think that aspect of it was problematic for any of the commenters as far as "gay for you" goes.

Where there was disagreement was about how hot it was that Lars was shoving Oliver around.  Some fans liked the aggression, some had problems with it.  If they really had been a couple, one shoving the other around would be really wrong in my book.  Some of the commenters pointed out that Deniz had shoved Roman around a couple of times, and that Roman had slammed Deniz into a locker once, and slapped him once.  None of that was right, although Deniz desperately needed a slap.  None of it happened when they were in a relationship.  The show portrayed Deniz's behavior as being wrong.  Roman's actions are more able to be interpreted as his way of getting Deniz to think about his own behavior.  Roman wasn't ever meant to be the type of character who would get into physical fights, but he was always competitive, and always able to defend himself verbally.  He's also gotten past the compulsion he had to try to make everybody happy.  Deniz has done a lot of acting out, and none of that was shown as behavior to be approved of, or to imitate.

Lars does have anger management problems.  Deniz does as well, although he's better than he was in the past.  I completely forgave Lars for trying to drown Jenny -- I would have tried to do the same thing.  Deniz was aggressive to start with, and had gotten into a lot of fights in school even before he came to Essen.  He's punched, or tried to punch, quite a number of people.  As I said in a recent entry, Roman's broken up a lot of fights Deniz has gotten into.  I don't mind Deniz being violent if it's against a bad guy.  The adults around Deniz were quick to tell him that hitting people usually isn't a good way to solve problems.  Marian, Roman, Ingo -- they've all reprimanded him for fights he's gotten into.  Deniz usually feels remorse later after he behaves badly.  Eskimo Kiss Project doesn't show a whole lot of Lars scenes, relatively speaking, so I don't know who's called Lars on his aggressive behavior.  I expect a certain amount of violence on a TV show, though.  It's fiction, and it's treated as entertainment.  I have a high tolerance for fist fights and shooting on certain genres of TV programs.  It's extremely typical on a soap opera that adults behave immaturely to provide drama for the audience.  Presumably the viewers wouldn't want to deal with much of that in real life, but it's fun to watch.

The comments about Roman slapping Deniz led into a bit of a discussion about whether that was a female way to act.  One of the EKP ladies said she hoped people didn't see Roman as the woman in the relationship, and that she'd read a lot of bad fan fiction in which he was written as fragile and feminine.  I've mentioned many times that I dislike the tendency in m/m romance for some authors to make at least one of the characters really girly.  Roman gets emotional, but in some ways he's pretty tough.  I wouldn't call him fragile.  He's certainly not anything like traditionally or stereotypically masculine, but he's masculine in his own way.  In canon, some of the characters joke that Roman is girly, or the woman in the relationship.  It's shown as them stereotyping, and sometimes directly contradicted by his behavior.  He's the expressive partner in the relationship, yes, but that doesn't have any necessary connection with gender.  There's nothing feminine about it when he's being seductive.  When the other characters (and viewers) see him as a sex object, they're well aware that he's a man.  He kind of screws with those stupid stereotypes of the shorter or more effeminate character being the submissive one, too.  Who came up with that?  From my limited understanding, it has much more to do with attitude and desire than with anything like height or how close one comes to gender stereotypes.  There are hints that Roman and Deniz have a pretty versatile relationship, and more than hints that Deniz is submissive towards Roman sometimes. 
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