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Sunday so far

I think I went to bed around 1:30 a.m.  I don't think it took me long to get to sleep.  I got up a few minutes after 10:00 a.m.

Vo had updated "The Ballad of the Three-Legged Werewolf," and I read that new chapter.  Rainjoy posted her last Glee fic.  She had said it was 50,000+ words, so I will start reading it tonight or tomorrow.  I texted a little with WhiteSheepCBD and chatted a bit with Jules.

Later: Mom and I went to Boscov's.  It was a productive trip for me.  I got a blouse and jeans, both on sale.  We went to K-Mart.  We went to the grocery store.  I'm glad I got out of the house.

When we got home, I looked out in the far back yard at the quince tree and the winterberry hollies.  There were a number of quinces on the quince tree, and the winterberries were full of berries.

Later still: I read Rainjoy's last Glee fic, "White Wedding."  Much of it was very angsty.  Fortunately, Rainjoy writes happy endings.

I talked with A. for about 45 minutes.
Tags: friends, gardens, reading, shopping

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