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The snow removal folks plowed the driveway, and Dad left for work around noon.  The library where Mom works was closed.  We were going to venture out for jewelry-making pieces and for groceries, but the rear of my car was stuck in a big snowdrift, so we didn't actually get anywhere.  I tried pushing it, but couldn't get a very good angle.  We still have plenty of food left; we have heat, water, and power; and I still have plenty to read and some work to do.  I would have liked to get out, but I'm contented enough with what I have.

Soap operas:  Alles Was Zahlt had a little scene with Deniz, who's spending a lot of time at the flatshare.  The show had Ben naked, so we viewers who like that kind of thing got some eye candy.  There were a lot of scenes with Katja, including her not realizing that Ben was in the shower when she went into the bathroom to take a bath.  That will teach her to take her earphones out before she heads towards the bathtub.  I think that was more oblivious than even I would be.  Zoe is back (Nooooo!), and there were some scenes with Celine and Zoe.  Celine had some scenes with Richard, too, which I actually had considerably less objection to.  Celine is pretty good eye candy herself, for those of us who like that kind of thing as well.  Stella's all perky now that she's sure she'll be ice-skating again any minute after she has that operation.  She's being semi-cooperative with passive motion physical therapy, at least.  If she hadn't started cooperating with the physical therapists, she'd risk more atrophy to her limbs.

My wishes: Much more Roman and Deniz, more of the Bergmann sisters, more Richard and Celine.  Zoe should go back from whence she came.  Ingo can go back on his comedy tour.  Frederike von Altenburg can leave.  She's done enough evil this time around.  I still want Najda to come back.  That would make even more of a Richard love tangle, and maybe bring Marian in as well.  I'm ready to see Axel back, though none of the other characters will like that.  He's a character I love to hate.  I want more cracky, sparkly hallucinations, hopefully happy and/or sexy ones.  I wouldn't mind more cracky dream sequences of win, either.  There could be more eye candy scenes with the guys who are built and the women who aren't stick-thin.  The show is very obliging about showing characters half-naked, and good about having cracky dream sequences every so often.  I have hopes there.

One Life to Live: Oliver Fish was back today, not quite so much saving the day, but at least saving Schuyler from being choked to death.  He saved Brody from the same fate the day before, so that seems to pretty much be a major task of his in this whole plot.  Not that I'm objecting.  He's doing some good action-adventure work through all this, and it looks promising that he'll do more.  What is the deal with him being the only one able to get a cell phone signal out of everyone on the darned mountain?  Well, at least he's keeping the folks back in town posted with what he knows.  They're aware he's out there helping and protecting people.

Verbotene Liebe: Kris of Kris 'n' Good Books posted a YouTube link to a Christian and Oliver "all-kisses" channel.  It doesn't look like it will be too much of a burden for me to watch their romance develop.  Those two have pretty good chemistry.  I have the feeling I'll lose a few days along the line to watching Verbotene Liebe clips.  I want to have some idea of their story before I see them in New York. 
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