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Thursday so far

I turned off the computer at 11:15 p.m. and went to bed a little before 1:00 a.m., after I drank a mug of chamomile tea.  I woke myself up at 4:00 a.m., but went back to bed quickly.  I woke again at 8:40 a.m. and stayed up.  It's still a bit of a shock to the system to wake that early, though.

WhiteSheepCBD had texted me at 11:15 p.m. to tell me that "Second Chances" had been updated.  I saw the text in the morning.  I read a little of the new chapter.  It's long.  I will get back to it.  I texted a little with WhiteSheepCBD this morning.

I wrote a post about what I was learning from the HIV forum, and also linked to "The Real Story" project:

I reblogged a few other posts.  One was about saying "HIV negative" instead of saying "clean."  Lots of m/m romance writers have their characters say "clean."  Also some of the characters carry around the results of their latest HIV tests, to show that they're HIV negative.  I have my doubts about how realistic that is, but at least the authors are making an attempt to address the issue.  Riah reblogged the posts.  The other posts I reblogged were about racism and disability.

I'm back to being quite active on Tumblr at the moment.  And most of it's about one "ism" or another.  Although I did get a picture of the pink-and-white fuchsia in there.  I think I will put another sambac jasmine picture up.

Later: I put the sambac jasmine picture up.  I reblogged more things about disability.  I was going to say that Ficdirectory was on a roll today, no pun intended.  But Ficdirectory, Te (teland) and Kay (black-john-lennon) were all on a roll when it came to blogging about disability today.

I departed from the serious to reblog a series (of tweets, I guess) from "50 Nerds of Grey."  I tagged it "look Jules look."  Although Pred would appreciate it, too, I think.  The funniest reading of 50 Shades I've seen was George Takei reading a passage, saying "Oh, my," then going on to another passage followed by an "Oh, my."  The man is a national treasure for so many things.  I'm still reading the Phil/Clint fan fic spoof "50 Shades of Purple."  I'm judging the way the writing must have been in the original from the spoof.  Like severely judging.

Vo updated "The Ballad of the Three-Legged Werewolf."  I read the new chapter.  The_wordbutler put up a new chapter of "Sua Sponte."

I chatted with Riah on and off for hours.  I did another one of my "rambling" posts on Tumblr.
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