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getting ready for more snow

Or so the prediction is.  So I went and picked up a prescription from Mom and did some grocery shopping.  I took P. home, then went home with the groceries.  I went out again to the secondhand bookstore, and put in a good hour there.  I talked with S., since I'm right down the road from the GLBT office at [local university].  I figured I could give him a ride down to [residences far enough away that students take the bus there].  I would have appreciated rides when I was living there.  S. was going to stay in the building where the GLBT office is and study for a while.  Apparently being snowed in for forty-eight hours this past weekend was a bit much for him.  I told him to give me a call if he was going stir-crazy Wednesday and Thursday.

So we're stocked up on food, we're as warm as we ever are in the winter in this house, we've got a gas stove and plenty of candles.  I've got a good bit of editing to do, and a number of e-books in my TBR file.

Alles Was Zahlt had Deniz and Roman today (yay!).  They're still helping Stella out, so kind of an "eh" for the plot they're getting, though it's nice to see them being kind.  Lars told them he thought he'd run Stella over, and Deniz nearly got into a fight with Lars.  Roman held Deniz back.  Deniz wouldn't have done well with that fight anyway, unless Lars just let himself be hit.  According to the Lars plot of a few weeks ago, Lars is pretty much a semi-professional boxer.  I'm not sure if he's taller than Deniz or if they're equal height, but Deniz has a much lankier build.  Lars is solid -- heavily muscled.  Deniz usually seems to give as good as he gets if he goes one-on-one with someone his size and in his weight class.  He doesn't do well if it's two-on-one or if he's fighting with people bigger than him.  I don't know how many fights Roman's held Deniz back from, or broken up.  Even when Deniz is in a rage with someone else, he wouldn't hurt Roman, and Roman is pretty fearless about dragging Deniz off someone, or putting his body in the way.

Roman had a scene with Jenny.  I've missed seeing the two of them interact.  They understand each other so well.  Roman was so cute in that scene.  In other plots, Lena and Annette are really bonding again.  That's nice to see, the sisters making up with each other.  Richard was very caring and loving towards Jenny.  He can't keep it in his pants, but he loves his children, legitimate and illegitimate.  Oliver finally told the truth.  I'm not sure what will happen now with that.

As for the other Oliver, Oliver Fish on One Life to Live, he's keeping very busy.  He's trying to rescue Jessica and Stacy, and also find and help the people who were in that car crash and explosion.  Oh, yeah, there was also an avalanche on the show today.  Almost everyone is still staggering around in the blizzard, but a few are starting to find each other.  *spoilers*  Gigi found Stacy and brought her to the cabin, so Stacy's safe for the moment.  Snick on Snick's blog called the episode "Thawing the Guppy" ( in honor of the little Fish-to-be being rescued.  Rex found Schuyler, which was not necessarily the most ideal thing for Sky, but considering Sky was half-buried in the snow, having almost anyone find him was probably better than otherwise.  Jessica was saved from unspeakable horror, although her brain was badly fried -- literally, as her psycho father used electroshock treatment in his brainwashing methods, along with all the various drugs.  It's soap opera brainwashing.  It seems that he was pretty darned thorough doing it.  Anyway, her physical shell is intact.  (Edited: And then she got shot.)

Oliver saved Brody from being strangled.  Kyle told Roxy that the guppy wasn't Rex's.  The show has been working the irony of having Oliver, in his last "faux-hetero" moments, father a child.  Sleeping with Stacy that night was what made him come out of the closet the next day.  I can't wait to see his face when he sees the paternity test results.  I still don't think he'll be the one to raise the baby, but as I said, I hope he gets to visit her.  He still has a lot of February sweeps people-rescuing to do before that point, of course.  I don't know why they can't get John McBain into the action-adventure scenes as well.  There's still quite a lot of people saying paragraphs at a time of exposition, and cutting back to the people safely in town.  But it's fascinating to see how they handle so many passable special effects on what must be a low budget.  I don't know how many tons -- well, cubic feet -- of feathers and styrofoam flakes they used for the blizzard, but it must be an impressive amount.  Obviously, I'm hoping Oliver gets out of all the trouble intact.  As I said in a previous post, I sort of like Sky.  He's already had kind of a rough time of it, getting injured when his car wrecked.  Rex has been very concerned to save the baby he thinks is his.  Brody seems pretty cool.  And, of course, who could wish the poor little guppy harm?  So that's five people I hope make it off the mountain.

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