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snowstorm and work

From Friday night into Saturday afternoon, we ended up getting nearly two feet of snow.  It's relatively a lot for this area.  As I said for the Friday entry, I didn't go out that day, but I got some work done.  Saturday I worked on four different proofing/editing projects.  Sophia Titheniel has another story about her wacky elves.  I found the last one, with the elves and bondage, to be a little disturbing because of the mixing of literal fairies and a bit of BDSM, but maybe it's just me.  She always tells an entertaining story, though.  I worked on a line edit for one in the Dragon Kin series.  I guess dragon shapeshifters are a bit of a change from werewolves.  I worked on a couple of Petit Morts stories, one by Jordan, and one by Josh.  I'm excited about the series.  Josh had a couple of mentions of roses in his story, and I had much to say.  Of course, after I read "Snowball in Hell" I went through a lot of rose books to try to figure out what fragrant climbing red rose introduced before 1942 would be blooming in December.  I think I settled on 'Climbing Etoile de Holland' as a good possibility.  I loved the protagonist in this new story.  Poor guy.  Josh has also mastered the art of chasing a character up a tree and throwing rocks at him.

I continued working today.  I need to get back to the elves later tonight -- this time it's elves who do stripteases, which is quite a bit hotter than you might think.  I don't know how she does it.  It's cool to see Josh's stories early, too.  Granted, only a couple of days before everyone will, but still neat.

I should get out of the house tomorrow.  I have an appointment, then I'll meet up with the kids at [local university].  H. and I are scheduled to interview J.H., the mentor of the GLBT group, who's been there since the mid-eighties.  The instructor, R.G., we interviewed late last semester said it was very brave for a staff member like J. to come out like she did.  It's not like she had tenure.  But she's supported and counseled several generations of GLBT students.  I think she's done some pretty heroic work in her way, and should get recognition for that.  M. sent me his paper about the concept and practice of "straight-acting."  He had a lot of interesting things to say.  M. has clearly been influenced by post-modern social constructivists, but he made good points about how a number of men who label themselves "straight-acting" have relatively high levels of internalized homophobia.  He showed how the concept tied in with different debates in the community.

Mom and I watched a few hours of figure skating yesterday.  She knows the more prominent skaters by name.  I understand more about skating than I do about football, but that isn't saying much.  I can appreciate the grace and beauty of the skaters, though.

Edited to add: Out of the proofs and edits I had set myself to do by Monday night, I've gotten four out of seven done, and done at least the first runthrough on the other three.  Elves again tomorrow.  That's definitely due Monday.  It's been a busy three days.
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