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Pretty quiet.  I could have gone to the bank, but was slow to get going, and would just as soon stay in now that it's started snowing.  The prediction is that we could get up to a foot of snow in the Philadelphia area.  Baltimore's supposed to get more, so I told my brother to stay warm.

I have a lot of editing work to do, but I'm pretty far along with most of Jordan's stories.  I figured a snowy day would be the perfect time to work on edits.

Alles Was Zahlt was pretty satisfying.  Richard and Simone were both genuinely worried about Jenny.  Marian found her and brought her back to his place.  Stella's going to hate that.  The Marian and Jenny scenes were great, though.  EKP is going to have a hard time deciding what to cut, what with Katja and Ben talking some things out as well -- and almost kissing.  They'll probably cut out the scene with the new doctor at the Steinkamp Sports & Wellness Center flirting with Celine, and Richard staking his claim on Celine.  I'm not sure what Richard wants.  He loves Simone, but he has feelings of friendship and lust towards Celine as well.  If Nadja came back, it would make a great love tangle.  Ben did speak to Nadja on the phone, and e-mailed her, so she hasn't been forgotten.

I'm eagerly waiting for today's clips of One Life to Live.  As I said, I'm expecting a couple weeks' worth of Friday cliffhangers.  It occured to me that I could just start watching it on network television, and not go to a web site for it.  At some point I'll look up when it airs (apparently, 2:00 p.m. EST, and 9:00 p.m. on SOAPnet).  But Oliver should be pretty heavily involved in the storyline, both as a police officer and as the father of Stacy's baby.  He appeared a fair amount in today's show, searching for Stacy.  Back at the hospital, Kyle tried to comfort Roxy.

I tried GZSZ (German Good Times, Bad Times) again.  Eskimo Kiss Project had a clip of Felix Isenbugel on their channel.  He was talking about the "Gays of Our Lives" event (  Felix is the actor who plays Carsten Reimann, and he is cute.  He's looking forward to the event.  Alexander Becht, who plays Lenny, is more my type, with those beautiful eyes of his.  He does angst so well.  I watched some of the pre-Lenny/Carsten episodes, which featured a sensitive and artistic Lenny being brutalized by the other soldiers he bunks with during whatever the German version of basic training is.  It explains a lot about how his reaction to life usually involves defensive snarling.

I saw a clip of Felix talking about filming some scenes with Alex.  Felix said that he thought it was good that neither he nor Alex was actually gay, because it was just playing a part for them.  As if a gay actor wouldn't just be playing a part?  Igor D. had a very different sort of reaction.  He was asked something like whether he did research for playing Deniz, and he said, "I've got my insider information right here," indicating Dennis G.  Igor knew when he auditioned for the role that Deniz was supposed to be gay. Dennis G. praises Igor for his professionalism, but the two actors seem to be good friends in real life, too.

The actors who play Kyle and Oliver on One Life to Live didn't know their characters would be gay.  Scott Evans, who plays Oliver, also had quite a different reaction when asked about the romance scenes.  He thought that Brett Claywell, who plays Kyle, had "lucked out" to get a gay man playing his love interest.  Scott said something about how he was very gentle with Brett (  That was a totally cool way to look at it.  I think Brett and Scott are both quite good actors.

So I'm caught up on Alles Was Zahlt, caught up on One Life to Live, and trying to get through the challenges of watching GZSZ.  It helps to see the behind-the-scenes clips to be reassured that the actors aren't really suffering like that.  But except for Carsten, and for Lenny's Goth sister, the teenaged characters are horrible.  Even Lenny is a horrible person in some ways, although you can kind of understand why.  Well, I have some of the funnier episodes of AWZ to turn to as an antidote.  I love how so many of the AWZ actors can play comedy so well.

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