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Wednesday so far

I turned the computer off at 11:30 p.m., after reading Pred's "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell" fics and another that Pred said she really liked that was by a different writer.  It's not a pairing I would have considered, but she likes it very much.  I was terribly tired and went to bed by 12:30 a.m.  I don't think it took me very long to get to sleep.  I woke before 8:00 a.m.  I think my system is in shock from my waking up so early.

Vo posted a new chapter in her 1930s/1940s Steve/Bucky A/B/O fic.

Mom wants to go swimming today.  It's a cooler day than we've had.  I kind of want to go to Longwood Gardens.  I made arrangements to get together with A.J. tomorrow, and it's not supposed to be bad tomorrow, either.  If I don't go today, perhaps we can go tomorrow.  Dad went out and took pictures of some of the flowers.  He had put a pot of plants that he thought had lilac-like leaves by the lilacs.  It turns out it's four o' clock.  I went out and smelled the flowers, but they didn't have a scent.  Perhaps that's just in the evenings.

A few hours later: Mom and I went to the library and Wal-Mart.  I got a book of short stories set in the same world as Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.  At Wal-Mart, I got, among other things, more suet for the birds.

I got free BookBub books.

A little later than that: I texted back and forth a little with WhiteSheepCBD.  She told me that Rainjoy had posted a short update to the Affinity 'Verse.  Rainjoy had hurt her shoulder and said that was all she could type.  I was glad to get a little bit of an update.

Later: Mellyflori posted a short Musketeers fic in the 'verse she tags "Shmoop."  Cherryfeather added a new chapter to "Unus Pro Omnibus, Omnes Pro Uno."  It's a Thanksgiving chapter.  In that 'verse, Athos' family is awful to him, but he didn't have to deal directly with them, just had memories of them, in that chapter.  (*spoilery thoughts and speculation*)  Sooner or later, someone will find the drugs, and we will be plunged back into angst.  But meanwhile we've had some happy chapters.

So I've read updates to two Musketeers fics, and a new short in a series.  Pretty good day.

Pred got back to me and explained that she meant that she didn't think we liked the same sorts of things in our slash fics.  She doesn't visualize the characters at all, apparently.  She thought I liked the pretty characters, which wasn't wrong, but isn't the only reason I like characters.  She likes the ones who show their worst qualities, but have other well-hidden qualities.  I tend to like characters who are kind to others, although I like them to have some character flaws.  We have different ways of looking at the characters, but I said I could still like a story that I saw differently, as long as it didn't have anything that majorly squicked me out.  I don't think we're so different in what we like in stories that I wouldn't like her upcoming fics.  I liked her short fics in the fandom.

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