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Set my alarm for 9:00 a.m.  Turned it off for five more minutes of sleep and woke up again at 11:30.  Missed the business part of the garden club meeting.  Had bought flowers yesterday, but the theme was an underwater arrangement, and I did not arrange flowers to go underwater.  I'd gotten peach-colored roses; dark orangy-red alstroemeria, which went well with the peach; Stargazer lilies; white carnations; and baby's breath.  I put the arrangement of peach-colored roses and alstroemeria in the car.  Made it to lunch and a presentation on attracting butterflies to your garden.  I already had a lot of the plants mentioned, or have grown them at one time or another.  I try really hard to get heliotrope every year, and I've gotten lantana a time or two.  Even though the lantana doesn't smell that great, I love to see a plant of it covered in bloom -- I think it's just so pretty.  While it's usually in a hanging basket or a smallish-to-medium pot here, I understand that it gets to be more of a shrub in Texas and California.  I'd like to get spicebush, to attract more spicebush swallowtails, but I think they like sassafras, too, and we have several sassafras trees.  I asked D. about learning German.  I said I'd learned "keine Ahnung" (no idea) and "tut mir leid" (sorry).  I pronounced them the way the characters on the show did first, then more like the way they're spelled, or more clearly.  I pronounced "I'm sorry" as "tout est malade" -- French: "all are sick."  The "es" comes first: "es tut mir leid."  D. said she was busy this month.  Hopefully I can get together with her in March for some German lessons.

Put in an hour at the secondhand bookstore filling in gaps in the romance shelf and sorting out a grocery bag of category romances left by the romance boxes in the back.  The other stockers know that I'd just as soon sort them myself rather than resort what they did.  There were a dozen or so Debbie Macomber books in one of the contemporary romance boxes.  She has her own box in the "M"s.  Apparently one of the cashiers is a big fan of hers, because she'll put eight or so on the shelves, and then four displayed on the top of the shelves.  I distinguish between romances and family saga.  If it's the story of three generations of women, with the men being rather incidental, I count it as a family saga.  The category romances are selling pretty well now.  People stock up on them when they're five for a dollar.  I took in my non-underwater arrangement, the one with the roses, and put it on the counter in the bookstore for the cashiers to enjoy for a couple of days.  When I got home, I arranged the Stargazer lilies.  They should be nice for a few days.  Most of them are still in bud, but they'll open in a vase.  I put floral preservative in there, and that helps, too.

Mom and I went out to a couple of grocery stores.  The first one we went to was nuts -- ridiculously busy.  There's supposed to be a snowstorm tomorrow evening, and there's football on Sunday -- not that I care at all about football, but lots of people do.  I picked up some stuff I'd been wanting to get, and Mom got her groceries, so it was a fairly productive trip.  I put my iPod in while I was waiting in line, and that really helped to pass the time.

AWZ once again had no Roman and Deniz.  They had Lena and Annette repairing their relationship, and doing some sisterly bonding.  I'd wanted to see that.  That didn't get translated, of course, but I knew what was going on.  Lena and Max had a bathtub scene.  They're one of the hotter couples on the show after Roman and Deniz.  Francisco Medina, who plays Max, got a sexiest soap star award one year, and the actress who plays Lena is beautiful.  There was some Katja and Ben, but mostly it was Jenny suffering.  I even felt a little bad for Jenny, and considering how evil she is, and how much she's hurt and schemed against the good characters, that's saying something.

One Life to Live had Oliver in it.  There's much going on with that show for February sweeps.  I just love that Oliver has his job to do, and he's good at it.  Like with Roman, he's a fully-rounded character.  Oliver's got his romance with Kyle, but he's also working and has a bunch of friends.  The character is pretty involved in a couple of plotlines, and peripherally in a couple more.  He's very integrated into the show.  Kyle also has romance, a job, and friends.  It's nice that they're characters who have lives.

I tried watching the German version of Good Times, Bad Times (GZSZ), but the teenaged characters who have homoerotic feelings for each other are violently denying that they're gay.  They're in this fight club and have totally thuggish and gross teenaged friends they're in a gang with.  One of the self-hating characters, Lenny, has a really annoying girlfriend he calls whenever he feels love or lust for Carsten, the other character who has a boatload of internalized homophobia.  It's depressing.  The actor who plays Carsten Reimann will be in New York for "Gays of Our Lives," so I really want to catch up with that.  But between Lenny's annoying girlfriend and Carsten and Lenny's thuggish and disgusting gang, not to mention their denial and self-hate, it's tough to watch.

I haven't even started with Verbotene Liebe.  The show has been on the air for many years, and one of the characters -- also an Oliver -- was on the show some years ago, then left for a couple of years and came back.  From what I understand, Olli was bisexual tending heavily towards gay even back then, and had a relationship with a man at that time.  I need to find out what date Olli's romance with Christian started, and what time period they were actually good, because I've heard it's sucked for about a year and a half or so now.

So the other foreign show I've been watching, the Dutch Good Times, Bad Times (GTST), has no actors coming to New York.  As I've mentioned, I appreciate that bratty Lucas is out and unconflicted about his sexuality, that he gets to have a busy sex life, and that he's got friends and relatives he interacts extensively with.  He's pretty easygoing, too, and is quite entertaining.

As far as the German gay couples, I've got two shows to catch up on by late March.  I'll post on whether I get into them.  I'd like to know something about Christian and Olli's romance.  
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