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No Roman on Alles Was Zahlt today, and just a tiny flash of Deniz pushing Stella in her wheelchair.  I guess that moment was to establish that Deniz is still involved with helping Stella, and still over at his father's place often enough.  (Eskimo Kiss Project didn't even show the Deniz appearance!)  Stella's back to living in Marian's apartment again.  Marian and Oliver are presumably helping her with activities of daily living she can't perform herself.  But she's got strong arms and can still move her torso, so I suppose the viewer is to assume that she can pretty much bathe and dress herself.  Lena apologized to Celine for starting the catfight.  There was quite a bit of interaction between the von Altenburgs.  Frederike von Altenburg (Simone's mother) is so evil.  Well, she gave Max away when he was a baby, and told Simone that he'd died.  This time around, she mostly seems to be being vicious towards Lena.  Lena isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, and certainly not aristocratic in any way, but she's usually kind, and is a loving mother to Alexander.  I hope Lena and Annette become close again, and that Lena gets to know Katja.  Frederike is also still encouraging Jenny to keep skating, despite her leg injury.  She's just ruthless, much more so than Simone is towards her own family.

There were a lot of scenes with Jenny, mostly of her suffering physically or emotionally.  I think the doctor told her she shouldn't skate again anytime soon.  (Actually, ever.)  I'm sure Eskimo Kiss Project will translate Jenny's scenes.  I wonder if they'll translate Ben and Katja's scenes.  Ben knows that Katja was lying about giving up skating because she had a bad knee.  It would be good if she'd be honest about her mental issues.  That way, the people around her can actually help her.  I'm happy that there are a fair amount of scenes with Ben, Katja, Annette, Deniz and Roman all together.  Like EKP says, that makes for a high concentration of sparkle.

So Eskimo Kiss Project had a lot of Jenny's scenes, a couple of minutes of Katja scenes, and no Deniz even though he briefly appeared on the show.  I wouldn't mind getting the translations for the Lena and Max scenes, but I'd have to learn German myself for that.  I'd like to see much more of Roman and Deniz, some scenes with the Bergmann sisters together, and more of Marian actually having some plot.  I'd like for Marian to find a new girlfriend who isn't psycho.  He and Nadja seemed really good together.  Bringing Nadja back would mean that Ben had both his parents in town; and Nadja was very close with Roman, and a mother figure to Deniz.  If Nadja hadn't lost the baby, Deniz (and Ben) would have had a little sister.  Deniz had become very fond of his almost-stepmother.  There were two actresses who played Nadja -- surely they could bring one of them back.

On One Life to Live, Oliver is apparently pretty close to finding out for sure that he's Stacy's baby-daddy.  Stacy was kidnapped, and they showed the promised blizzard and car crash.  Rex and Oliver will soon be on their way to try to rescue the baby.  Fortunately, there are several doctors around in the blizzard -- at least two or three on the car crash scene, I think.  I'm curious to see how that goes.  I'm sure that will have Friday cliffhangers for a couple of weeks minimum.  I'll be happy if Kyle and Oliver get to celebrate Valentine's Day together, even if it's just in a montage of couples.

I've gotten a little further with GTST.  Lucas' mother is trying so hard to understand him that she went to the gay bar where he was partying.  He was horrified, but his friends were admiring her for being so supportive of him.  So things are getting a little better between them for the moment.  Now I'm up to the episodes where Janine learns that it's not too bright to talk on your cell phone while bicycling, and not pay any attention to the road, or how your clothes are getting stuck in the bike chain.  She went right into the canal.  It just seemed so like an "only in the Netherlands" sort of touch.  Not that the characters speaking Dutch don't give the show that flavor, but going off the road into a canal was especially a country-specific kind of scene.
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