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Sunday so far

There actually have been a couple of hours of Sunday so far for me, shocker though that is.  I turned off the computer around 11:45 p.m. or so.  I was trying to sit up until 1:00 a.m.  I sat in the well-padded chair in the den and closed my eyes for a minute around 12:15 a.m.  When I woke up it was 2:00 a.m. and I had a crick in my neck.  I went to bed, and I don't think it took me long to get to sleep.  I woke up at 7:00 a.m.

I may get an editing job today.  I am ready to work on one.

I chatted briefly with Jules.  Somehow it generally ends up being shop talk.

A few hours later: I got an editing job, which I will work on in the evening and tomorrow.  I also gave writing advice to an AO3 writer who was just learning to write m/m sex scenes.  He or she (probably she) had solicited critique.  I said I hoped she took what I said as constructive criticism, as that was how it was meant.

Mom and I went to the library to drop books off and then to a grocery store.  At least I got out of the house.

A.J. called, and I talked with her a bit.  She has a busy schedule at camp next week.  I wrote to Callie.  I arranged what time A. and I would talk.

Later: I worked on the editing job.  I chatted a little with Riah.  I read Avengers fic.  Dillian updated "No Fagots," which is a fantastic historical, "no powers" AU in which many MCU characters are gay men living in West Hollywood at the beginning of the AIDS crisis.  There are major character deaths.  I was nearly an emotional wreck at one of the biggest ones -- or biggest ones so far, anyway.  It's very like And the Band Played On.  Well, the fictional version.

Later still: I talked with A. for about an hour.  He was talking about taking a few days break from reading about politics on the Internet. I agreed that might be healthy.
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