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this episode of AWZ

The show was really cute today.  Roman is still looking for a regular ice-skating trainer's job, and got a really funny list to choose from.  The Dortmund Juniors sounded like a regular team, but then there were the Duisberg Bambino Group, the Oberhausen Ice Fleas, and the Plauen Spring Chickens.  I think that last would be more like "pullets" or "chicks" -- the translation of what he said was "baby birds," according to my dictionary.  Roman's conversation with the baby bird people was so funny.  Eskimo Kiss Project said: "Roman, we're not sure deflowering a teenager counts as 'experience with children,' but we'll let it go this time."  That was kind of mean.  Deniz was at least seventeen, possibly eighteen by then, and eager to be deflowered.  Roman also has experience babysitting Alexander, but that was when Alexander was only a few months old.  I'd like to see an episode with Roman training a group of three- to five-year-old children, because that would be hilarious.  I'm sure just his facial expressions would be priceless.

The show also had Roman and Deniz acting more like a romantic couple again, with a little kissing and cuddling; and Deniz calling Roman a "good Bunny."  I love it when Deniz uses Roman's nickname so affectionately.

In Roman's dream sequence, he called Deniz his partner, and his "rock in a turbulent sea."  After their first try at a relationship, and everything that happened after that, it would take a lot of love and trust for Roman to call Deniz his partner, even in a dream.  Deniz continues to be sweetly supportive of Roman and his career.  I just hope that a possible long-distance relationship wouldn't be too detrimental to them, and that we'll still see a lot of Roman.  If this means we hardly see him, I'll be upset.
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