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Monday so far

I turned off the computer around 11:30 p.m. again.  I think I was on Tumblr again.  Many books and fics had disappeared off the shelves of my Nook, so I reshelved a bunch of books.  They were still in the Nook, just not on the shelves.  I read fic for a bit, then went to bed around 1:00 a.m.  I got up at 10:00 a.m., with my alarm.

I have an appointment today, and I want to get to the post office.  I will probably go to the grocery store, too.

I have been reblogging various "Black Lives Matter" posts on Tumblr.  I don't know quite what happened to my Tumblr being meant to be completely irresponsible, but it hasn't worked out that way.

Slightly later: I made it to my appointment.  Dad went to the grocery store and the post office, so I didn't have to.

I will have to take pictures of the bee balm, which is blooming.  The portulaca looks nice, too.  I hope the cardinal flower blooms.  I think it's starting to get buds.

I read some Avengers fic.  "The Wild Winds Around You" (wingfic) and "Gimme Shelter" had updated.  Dillian is writing a companion fic to "No Fagots" which seems to be an AU of that fic(?).  It's a BDSM fic.  I am really going off BDSM fiction, except for James' stuff, the Dr. Fell stories, and Natural Law.  Vo updated the latest fic in her Steve/Bucky A/B/O series.  I haven't read Glee fic in some time.  I didn't want to get spoiled for the sixth season, and then I knew what had happened in canon.  I see that "Mangaiere" has updated, though.  I will read it when it's done.
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