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Supposed to meet up with S.M. for lunch, but I overslept.  Got there about forty-five minutes later than planned.  She had such a nice lunch set out, too.  We worked on computer lessons for about an hour and a half.  She's really getting the hang of e-mail, and I'm trying to teach her how to cut and paste.  It's frustrating for me that her trial version of Word expired before she really did anything with it.  We're using WordPad, so I have to remember the step of opening documents with WordPad if we want to edit them.

Then I went to [local university] again to meet with S. and H. about putting some of our history of the GLBT organization at [local university] documents up and linked to the university and GLBT group's websites.  The previous webmaster, S.H., had set up a lot, but it's not really ready to go, and she doesn't explain it in terms S. understands.  H. and I have been working on the project for a year and a half, and I'm anxious to get it up before she goes for her year abroad, but it's not like I know how to design websites, or link a series of PDFs, digital pictures, and audio clips.

We discussed that for a while.  There were other people in the office, too, and I was rather curious about what J. was discussing with J.S.  I only got bits of it, though.  Something about what certain other officers of the group had expected when D.S. became president of the group.  I know what some of them expected.  I think they figure that they've pretty much gotten it.  J. is usually soft-spoken, at least around me.  J.S. wants to be a counselor, and I think he's quite good at it.  He's very articulate and sensitive to what others are trying to communicate.  He has a lot of emotional intelligence as well as being generally intelligent.

When a computer got freed up, H. went to find videos from obscure bands she liked, and talked about the upcoming drag show.  I asked J. about whether he'd like to try on the leather skirts I'd found in thrift shops.  I doubt they'd ever fit me again, but he's pretty slender.  (Edited: He didn't think he'd be dressing as a girl.  He didn't last year.)  We've been talking about going shopping.  He said it would be nice to have a shopping partner.  J. says he's very into glam rock, and I could definitely see that.  At last year's drag show, he performed a David Bowie song, I think Ziggy Stardust, and a Culture Club song.  I've mentioned before that he has that catlike grace, and he's got a very good stage presence, as well.  Meanwhile, S. was at the other computer, filling us in on all the entertainment news.

Someone -- H.? -- said we should make construction paper flames, and put them up in the office.  I said that when certain people were in the office, there was no need for flames made of construction paper, and there was general agreement.  Even S. was in touch with his bitch queen side today.  I mean, I was sure he had one, but he's usually very logical and rational, and has a no-nonsense demeanor.  His specialty seems to be deadpan bitchiness, and I pretty much agree with what he says when he's bitching, as it generally makes perfect sense.  He's just not as flamboyant as some of the members of the group.  Different people, different styles.  M.'s a comedian -- and is pretty funny -- while H. just has that wacky perspective/easily amused/"Ooh, shiny!" thing going, D.S. is a drama queen, and certain other people just seem to be naturally queeny, but don't play it up.

J. was talking about how he needed to keep in touch with the real world.  He said the group he hung out with at [local university] was pretty insular, and apparently meant that he mostly stayed around other gay and gay-friendly people; and he said that he was also around people who were very concerned with women's issues.  I personally didn't think he needed to keep that much contact with the real world.  He'll be brutalized again by it soon enough.  I said, "You were hassled in high school, weren't you?"  He confirmed that, of course.  Perhaps it would be good for him to regularly relate to people who don't even have to think about of any of the issues he deals with in being gender non-conforming and being in a sexual minority.  I find it wearing just to be in the closet about being queer as far as people older than I am or religious are concerned.  It's a nice change to hang out with the students.  But then there are those who've never actually had a closet.  They get grief from heterosexuals and also some other gay people for not being "straight-acting."  Really, it seems that if you're effeminate, you can't win either way on that one.

I don't know what I can do to be helpful to some of the students I'd like to be able to give more support to, but perhaps just listening and being non-judgmental on certain issues does some good.  I guess it's useful that I'm another person who understands the issues, and that I'm chronologically an adult.  Maybe I'll talk to J.S. about learning some counseling skills.  I don't feel like I'd be any good at all at talking to young women about lesbian culture, because I've never really been involved in it.  I'm pretty familiar with gay culture, though.
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