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     Got purple and white Dutch crocus corms.  Tried to plant a few in the crocus garden, and kept digging up little corms that were already there.  The ones already in there were much smaller -- from snow crocus, perhaps?  I had planted quite a few species crocus a few years ago, both early spring and fall-blooming types.  Note: that's purple-flowered and white-flowered -- we already have a ton of 'Pickwick'.  Will try to plant more once impatiens freeze.  Last year I planted at least a couple dozen saffron crocus.  I always get confused about whether it's the stamen or pistils that you're supposed to dry...I have a few recipes which call for saffron, but I so rarely cook anyway.  Like the orris and the poppies, I just like them for the flowers in any case.  Speaking of, with all the different types of poppies I planted this spring, I only got one flower, a white one -- a field poppy, I think.  The plants came up too close together, and I didn't thin them enough.  Also, they were in the shade of a sassafras tree.  Will try again with the poppies next year.  I never have that much luck with them, but it's fun to try all the different sorts -- field poppies, Shirley poppies, peony-flowered, and so on.  It's just so much fun to say, "I grow them for the flowers."  I should try to do more with the herbs I grow.  I had so much thyme and golden oregano this year.  I suppose I could still dry it.  Both looked so pretty spilling over the sides of the big pots they were in.

     The fuchia (currently living in the crocus garden) has a lot of buds -- need to find a winter home for that.  I don't think I'll try to overwinter the pineapple sage, though I will try to take a couple of pictures of it.  Have to find out what happened to the pot that had 'Pink Leda' and lemon balm in it.  I think it got moved when someone was mowing the lawn.

     This journal is largely a continuation of a gardening journal that I've kept for several years -- since 2002, I think.  I know a lot of Old Garden Roses have come and gone in the garden since well before then.  The majority have stayed around since I got them.  I think I started growing the old European roses in the 1990s.  Like with growing the herbs, I love the sense of history associated with them.  I wish I had more of a date on when I got some of them, because I know I've had some for several years -- considerably longer than any Hybrid Teas have lasted here.  I appreciate the joke about Hybrid Teas being the most expensive annual you can buy.  Of the Old Garden Roses, some of my favorites are 'Maiden's Blush', the Jacobite rose, 'Ispahan', 'Fantin-Latour', 'Mme. Zoetmans' and 'Mme. Plantier'.  I really liked 'Duchesse de Brabant', too, though it died during a harsh winter here.  In all fairness, it was in a pot, too, so not as sheltered as it would have been in the ground.  I'd try growing that again.

     I saw 'Yellow Cheerfulness' daffodil bulbs for sale today.  I planted quite a few 'Cheerfulness' and 'Yellow Cheerfulness' bulbs years ago.  This must have been in the 1990s, because I remember a Goth friend being appalled by the name 'Yellow Cheerfulness'.  I like the Cheerfulness types of daffodils, though.  I'd like to grow some jonquils, too.  Daffodils do well here.  The deer and rabbits don't eat them, and some cultivars naturalize.  'Ice Follies', for one -- nothing kills it.  Nothing.  The 'King Alfred' daffodils have come back for a couple of years now.  I wish I hadn't planted half of them in front of the forsythia -- talk about blending in to the background.  I didn't think of that in the fall.   

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