neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Friday's soap happenings

AWZ: I was happy that Roman and Deniz were in a good amount of the show.  The preview blurb hadn't mentioned them at all, so I didn't think we'd see much of them.  They haven't been seen cuddling since New Year's Day -- what's up with that?  The little group at No. 7 celebrating Roman receiving his certificate didn't even include Deniz, although Marian called himself Roman's future father-in-law.  That was cute.  Deniz and Roman did have breakfast together with Annette and Katja.  Roman and Ben are getting to be friends, which is nice.  It's good to see the show getting back to having more ice-skating plots.  Roman seemed a little more mellow today.  It's good to see him just hanging out with friends and being so knowledgeable and competent in his new job.

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