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today's soap operas

Watched Alles Was Zahlt in the original, then on Eskimo Kiss Project.  (See previous "soap opera" entries for links.)  I'm glad Deniz and Roman were in this episode.  They look so good in suits.  Sadly, Lena and Celine starting a catfight interrupted Roman's big moment of accepting his figure-skating trainer certification.  Roman will complain about having the spotlight taken away from him, but it's not like he's never bitch-slapped anyone.  Everyone agrees that Deniz deserved to be slapped so many times over the years before Roman actually did it.  However, unlike Celine, Deniz didn't lift a finger to retaliate.  I expect the catfight will continue into next episode.  There are a lot of people there who will be relatively quick to break it up, so I figure it will go on just long enough for soap opera entertainment.

On a show where it seems like many of the men have punched each other at one time or another, that's never happened with Deniz and Roman.  Deniz has threatened Roman a couple of times when they were broken up and at odds, but ever since they started dating the first time around, Roman has been sure that Deniz would never really try to physically hurt him.  On the contrary, when they're together or even just on friendly terms, Deniz is fiercely protective of his Bunny.  It's sweet how supportive Deniz is of Roman's goals when they're dating, and even sometimes when they weren't.  
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