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I'm watching other soap operas known for their gay couples in order to be all caught up by the time of the Gays of Our Lives event.  Kris had given me the link for Anthony Langford's YouTube channel (, so I've been watching clips from One Life to Live for the last couple of days.  Nick Rodriguez, who played Nick Chavez on the show, is supposed to be at the event.  Now I need to get the links for subtitled clips from previous years' episodes of Verbotene Liebe.  Apparently the last year wasn't good, but before that, the romance between Christian and Oliver was excellent.  And I need to figure out where I can get clips from the German version of Good Times, Bad Times.  Since I don't know what the show is called in German, that will be a challenge.  (Edited to add: I watched this week's clip on "Gays of Our Lives," and the show is called Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten, GZSZ for short.  It's on RTL, but I don't think it's free.)  But it looks like the actor who plays Carsten Reimann on that show will be in New York in March, too.  I've been watching some clips from that show on After Elton's "Gays of Our Lives."

I got to the secondhand bookstore.  The romance shelves had already been stuffed full, so I worked with V. to get the mystery book overstock in the back under control.  We collected a big bag full of duplicates.  We got a lot of books up on the shelf instead of just lying in stacks.  We alphabetized the few stacks we did leave.  It was pretty productive.

Even though Deniz and Roman weren't in it, I enjoyed parts of today's episode of Alles Was Zahlt (  I enjoyed the scenes with Lena and Max.  The actor who plays Max, Francisco Medina, is smokin' hot, even if Max is evil again.  There's a video chat with him, and the actors who play Richard, Simone, and Celine.  I'm catching about one word in ten, but they did mention Igor.

I hope Deniz and Roman come visit Stella.  Marian was planning on going.  Oliver still feels all guilty for running Stella over, and not telling her it was him.  But he was walking around in a towel, and he's got a heck of a nice build.  The show has absolutely no shame in treating the male actors as sex objects.  It's a good day when certain characters are walking around half-naked.  Oliver's pretty buttoned-down usually, but he should definitely get more opportunities to be undressed.  Lars is a glorious sight just wearing boxing shorts.  Deniz barely needs an excuse to strip, and we deeply appreciate it.  As Lisabea pointed out, the actor, Igor D., is in his late twenties -- so it's not like we're actually drooling over a twenty-year-old.  The new version of Ben is built, too.  I'm sure that actor is also in his late twenties.  Eskimo Kiss Project ( probably invented the practice of saying "DRAMATIC IRONY" when they mean "nipples" for describing some of Roman's scenes.  He can turn that catlike seductiveness on, and he's just generally adorable.  Plus he has beautiful eyes.  I think it's true that Deniz and Roman have the most chemistry of any couple on the show.  Lena and Max have pretty good chemistry, and Jenny and Lars did.  Sadly, the sex appeal of any scene, no matter how hot the other characters are, is completely killed if Stella is in the picture.  Fortunately, she doesn't come into the men's locker room as often as certain female characters do.  And there are plenty of episodes in which you don't see much of Stella, although I think there will be a lot of her in the next few weeks. 
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