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welcome back party

Did laundry, and e-mailed back and forth a bit about stories.  Went to the welcome back party for students in the GLBT organization at [local university].  Some alums were there, and I knew a couple of them.  I introduced H., the GLBT historian, to the ones I knew.  S.P. and I had met up to talk about the history of the group in the 1990s, and M.R. had taken classes part-time for a good many years, and had been president of the group several times.  We got M.R.'s number and e-mail.

I caught up with the students I had most wanted to see -- H., S., S.H., and M.  I said hi to D.S. and D.M., and waved hi to J.S., K., V., and R.  I talked nail polish with J.  He was wearing a purplish-pink, and I had lavender.  We made tentative plans to go shopping for nail polish.  J. wants a good silver.  He said he had gunmetal, but that was a dark gray.  I have reds, pinks, purples, greens, blue, yellow, black, gold, burgundy, and clear with sparkles, but I don't have silver either.  I really haven't even been planning to look for nail polish my last few trips out to chain discount stores.  I've just been eyeing those racks when I'm in the health and beauty section.

I wore my soapfairy T-shirt ( at the welcome back party.  I'd been telling the students all last semester about how I was so into Alles Was Zahlt (, and they remembered me fangirling about it.  I told a couple of the students that one of the actors on AWZ (Dennis Grabosch, who plays Roman Wild) had done the design for the T-shirt.

It was good to talk to people who weren't senior citizens.  I really do like some of the other bookstore volunteers, but they're pretty much thirty-plus years older than I am.  I enjoy working with college-age students.

I was planning to just tag the entry GLBT, but any entry including mention of D.S., D.M., and a soapfairy T-shirt really needs a "gay-related" tag.
Tags: gay-related, glbt

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