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"The Musketeers" and much squee, and general rambling from 'Rose

So usually in TV shows and movies that are European historical fiction or fantasy set in a vaguely medieval European setting the characters are white, white, white.  And "The Musketeers" shatters that.  Medievalpoc (on Tumblr) has done hundreds, perhaps thousands of posts showing that there were people of color in Europe all along in history.  And they still get racists claiming that people of color were not in Europe until modern times.  They've taken to showing medieval pictures of butts to the people who are being assholes.  It reminds me of this cartoon:

I get so much of that from the garden club ladies.  "I don't want to sound like a racist, but..."  I think, "Then why are you going to say something ignorant?" and grit my teeth.

Howard Charles read The Black Count, a biography of Alexandre Dumas pere's father, General Alex Dumas, and used it to build the character of Porthos.  Te keysmashed a lot about Howard Charles and Porthos.  I don't show emotion online except for some emoticons and sometimes exclamation points.  Jamie said it was unusual for someone in fandom to not show emotion, but I wrote in Standard American English a good thirty years before I got into fandom, so that's what I generally use.  It's not that I don't have emotions.  I have a lot of emotion about actor and character, and all the Musketeers.

I read about Louis XIII as a boy, meeting the Ottoman ambassador.  I'd love to see Louis on the show interact with an Ottoman ambassador.  I'm pleased that Santiago Cabrera has been able to use his Spanish again.

I did my restrained version of what would be keysmashing in some other fan to say that it was so rare in a fandom to see a character of color regularly paired (or in an OT3) with white characters, and that Porthos got slashed plenty.  So rare.  I've heard that in "Teen Wolf" that fic writers usually ignore a canon gay character of color to pair up a twenty-four-year-old and a sixteen-year-old, both white.  Also, the lead on the show is Mexican-American, and he frequently gets dumbed down in fic.  Or that's what I understand, anyway.  I said that in canon, Captain America and the Falcon were a BroTP, but it was rare to see Steve/Sam in a fic.  More often I've seen Sam as an asexual character.  Which is great for asexual representation in fic, but rather questionable to me that fic writers would rather see Sam, a black character, as asexual than pair him with another superhero.

I said that with Porthos, "The Musketeers" had to do a critique of colonialism, that it was unavoidable.  It gets me that a *British* show is doing a critique of colonialism.  Because when does that happen?  The show's use of a mixed-race Porthos in an homage to General Alex Dumas allows for so much more depth and food for thought than many adaptations.  Dumas wrote that Milady had a "little Black boy" as a servant.  Right there a character of color is included in The Three Musketeers, set in the early 1600s.  I read a 2006 translation of the book.  In the translator's notes, he said that Porthos was most likely based on the general.

Te and I squeed about how Porthos is allowed to show the whole range of emotions.  Because, again, when does that happen?  Porthos gets to be a complex character.
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