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So, the ones I'm currently watching are "Glee," "The Musketeers" and "Agent Carter."  "Sherlock" will theoretically have a Christmas special for 2015, Jules says.  I'm glad to have diversified.  Glee will be over soon.  The second season of "The Musketeers" will be over around the same time, but we've gotten so much from the season already.  And I hope we'll get a third season of "The Musketeers."  I get the impression that it's rather popular in the U.K.  I think it may also be popular among BBC America watchers here in the U.S.

I've been reading fic for Glee, "The Musketeers," and "The Avengers."  And I guess some for "Captain America," for the fics with Bucky in them.  "Bucky Barnes' Metal Arm" is a common tag, but most of the fics I've seen with the tag are smutty.  "Bucky Barnes -- prosthesis" and "amputee Bucky" are not common tags.  There are a few "AU -- modern setting" and "AU -- no powers" fics with those tags.  I want to read interesting fic with a disabled character, with the disability not just used for smut and fetishization.  I also look for "Deaf Clint Barton" fics.  The writers of those have read the comic books.  Some of those fics are good.  I've even read a couple by a Deaf author.

I read Kryptaria's "Northwest Passage" and a few other "Sherlock" fics.  There's a lot, especially considering there have only been nine episodes over six years.

I had mostly been avoiding Tumblr for months, since hearing the "Blaine and Karofsky are dating" spoilers.  That nearly sent me into a spiral in the summer or early fall.  I told myself, "It's fiction," and decided I didn't want to see more spoilers.  I've been posting Musketeers stuff on Tumblr lately.  And reblogging things for Black History Month.  It's strange watching Glee and being mostly unspoiled, especially watching it with Mom and hoping the more racy jokes go over her head.  Like I don't think she got the "Fleshlight" one.  Hopefully not.

I'll have to see if there are any "Agent Carter" fics yet.  There are plenty of fics with Peggy Carter in them, but I've been searching in among the Marvel Cinematic Universe fics.

Slightly later: It looks like it's mostly fem-slash on AO3.  That's interesting.

I want people to talk about all those TV shows with, without getting spoilers.
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