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"The Musketeers" -- s 2 ep. 4 "Emilie"

There were so many great moments in this.  Tom Burke, who plays Athos, ad-libbed the "Your visions come from soup" line.  It was completely deadpan and sounded so much like something Athos would say.  Aramis had Athos help Emilie because he was familiar with withdrawal.  The medical knowledge the show characters have is interesting.  Perhaps it's a little beyond actual early 17th century practices, but the Musketeers and Constance know their medicine.  And apparently Athos has experience with the DTs.  Although they wouldn't use the word, the other Musketeers are aware that Athos is an alcoholic.  Athos is highly functional when he's sober.  But Athos was definitely written as a very heavy drinker.

A guest character, Emilie's mother, says "He looks Spanish" in reference to Aramis.  Santiago Cabrera, who plays Aramis, is Chilean.  I noted that in AAVE, "Spanish" is used for "Hispanic," so it kind of sounded to me like, "He looks Hispanic."  That made it even funnier.

Aramis says in reply, "I'm French."

There's a gifset that includes Porthos in s 2 ep. 3 saying, "I'm not a Moor.  I'm French."  He says it in a South London accent.  I said my impression was that a South London accent was a non-privileged accent.  I'm not sure if it's the equivalent of an accent from "any borough of New York City that isn't Manhattan" or the British equivalent of AAVE.
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