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quiet day so far

Watched Alles Was Zahlt on the original website (unsubtitled):  I don't know if Eskimo Kiss Project ( will translate any of it, since it didn't have Roman and Deniz in it at all.  Stella was practicing jumps on the ice when she wasn't supposed to, and smashed into the glass around the rink like a bug onto a windshield.  I'm sure they'll find her eventually.  They've been harsh on Stella lately, but I can't really bring myself to care.  As far as I can tell, she cheerfully forgave Lars when she thought he'd run her over, so I expect she'll remain perky through everything.  I can't wait to see who Roman ends up training.  His choices seem to be limited to Jenny, who he knows is a sabotaging psycho, and who is hiding her own injuries; Stella, who had health problems even before she did the bug/windshield thing; and Katja, who hasn't skated since she was fifteen, and has all kinds of mental problems, a considerable part of which center around a phobia about ever skating again.  At least with Jenny and Stella, he knows what he'd be dealing with.   
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