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Avengers rambling

Since I wrote it out on Tumblr, I might as well copy it here:

Avengers rambling

I had read my share of comic books through the mid-eighties into the nineties, but it was mostly X-Men and related titles. I’d read issues of Captain America, The Incredible Hulk and The Avengers here and there.

I watched the Avengers movie some time after it was available on DVD at the library, so a couple years after it was released. There were some good fics based on it. I got recs from Weeds, Penroseparticle and others. Actually, I think it was Weeds live-blogging reading “Responsible Science” ( that got me into reading Avengers fic. So thanks, Weeds. One of the earlier tags I was searching on was “Deaf Clint Barton,” because that was comic book canon. I knew who the Winter Soldier was before the movie came out, like I know what Ultron is. My comment on the Iron Man movies (*spoilers*) is that all the characters who were Asian in the comic books are white in the movies. (*end spoilers*) Iron Man was a Cold War character, as is the Black Widow.

I got the “Marvel Masterworks” versions of some early Avengers comic books — books reprinting ten comics at a time.

Some of the things I knew, some I learned. I am noting them here for my reference as well as for whoever’s interested.

The founding members of the Avengers were Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man and the Wasp. There’s going to be an Ant-Man movie. The first Ant-Man was Hank Pym, who shrank and grew in size by using Pym particles, which apparently could be taken in pill form. He was the bio-chemist and it’s comic book science. The Wasp was Janet van Dyne. She had tiny wings implanted in her back so she could fly when wasp-sized. Ant-Man quickly became Giant-Man and then Goliath, then a variety of other names and sizes. There was a second Ant-Man, Scott Lang. Captain America became an Avenger just about as soon as he was defrosted, in issue four.

Avengers came and went, but Hawkeye was an early Avenger, and a reformed criminal. Hawkeye/Black Widow is canon. The Black Widow worked for SHIELD, for Nick Fury. Loki was an early adversary of the Avengers. There really was a Jasper Sitwell.

I’ll note down more as I read more.

Continued commentary on LJ: The Iron Man movies' race-bending was a big WTF to me.  I could see why Iron Man wasn't supplying weapons for the war in Viet Nam and then directly fighting Asian communists like he did in the comic books, since that would have made him like eighty in the movies.  But they could have left Ho Yinsen as Asian.  Also they could have left the Mandarin as Chinese, and not conflated him with A.I.M.  And where the heck was MODOK?  Those were all WTF questions I got from the Iron Man movies.

When I said that the Black Widow worked for SHIELD, for Nick Fury, I was tempted to say, "for the first Nick Fury."  There was a Jasper Sitwell early on in the comic books, so he really was a character at the time.  He was blond, but I first saw Jasper Sitwell as a man of color in the movies, so I was used to that version.  I guess it really is what I'm used to that I consider canon.  Mostly I consider the comic books as canon.
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