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Monday so far

I stayed on the computer until 11:45 p.m., which was too late, but I was chatting with people.  I went to bed at 12:45 a.m., and I think I went to sleep pretty quickly.  I got up at 10:05 a.m., which wasn't bad.  I could have slept longer, but figured I'd goof my sleep schedule up if I did.

I went out to a grocery store with Mom and Dad.  Not that it was the most exciting trip, but I thought I should get out of the house today.  Yesterday it was freezing rain and then merely cold heavy rain, so I didn't feel like going out just for the sake of going out.  I passed the time well enough, though I did get bored with myself.  Today was just cold and windy, though it did cloud up.  Just a dull day weatherwise, if not as bad as yesterday.  I thought that even if Mom getting gasoline and then shopping would not be an exciting trip, I should really get a change of scene.

I chatted with Jules a little bit, and texted with WhiteSheepCBD.  WhiteSheepCBD and I made plans to chat tonight, when the British are asleep.  WhiteSheepCBD lives on the East Coast of the U.S., so she and I are in the same time zone.

Callie and I cooed over Kurt Hummel.  I have no idea what time zone she's in.  She's a day ahead, because she's in Australia, but I'm pretty sure that Australia is a big enough country to have several time zones.  Like I bet Callie, PaperMoon and Kris could all be in different time zones, although all I know about where they live is "Australia."

As Callie may know, my LJ is where I say what I actually think.  I'll reblog some stuff on Tumblr, but don't give personal opinions all that much.  I generally figure that other people know more than me on most subjects, and try to pick out someone with lived experience on a topic to quote.  Of course, anybody can be anything on the Internet, so who knows.

Later: I chatted a little with Riah, and texted a little with A.  A. and I arranged to talk on Wednesday.  I reviewed "Load the Dice" on Goodreads, and Goodreads immediately went down.

Later still: I chatted with WhiteSheepCBD for a little while.
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