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today's episode of Alles Was Zahlt

So far, I've only watched the original: (  Deniz continues to instruct Katja on how to get Ben.  He was just showing her how to get Ben to kiss her when Roman walked in, home after a couple of weeks away.  I'm sure what Roman said was, "Tell me this isn't what it looks like."

Deniz' reply was, "It wasn't what it looked like."  I will edit to correct if that wasn't what they said, but I think it was a good guess.  (This was, in fact, what they said.)  As soon as Deniz said that, the show cut away to another scene.  No "welcome home" kissing between Deniz and Roman, not even a "welcome home" hug.  The next brief scene they're in, Katja is sitting between them, and they're busy working out how to get her together with Ben.  The writer on AfterElton's "Gays of Our Lives" ( calls this the classic role of gay characters on soaps -- helping their straight friends with their love lives.  I found it rather insulting.  Anthony Langford (?) of "Gays of Our Lives" also says that Roman and Deniz have the most chemistry of any pair on the show, so why wouldn't they have a display of affection when Roman gets home from his trip?  It's not like Katja hasn't seen them kissing before, or that all of Essen doesn't know they're a couple.

Well, we can only hope they'll show their "welcome home" scene that night.  If they change it all to offscreen from now on, I'll be upset.  I have hope that they won't do that, though.
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