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Thursday so far

I turned off the computer around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, and felt very tired by midnight.  I tried to go to sleep then and couldn't.  I got up and re-read some of "Northwest Passage."  Personally, I like the m/m fan fic better than the m/f romance The Longest Night, but I can understand the author wanting mainstream success.  Besides, she's still writing excellent m/m fan fic and wrote an original story for the Goodreads m/m romance group.

I tried to go to sleep again around 1:00 a.m., and eventually I did sleep.  I spontaneously got up at 8:30 a.m.  I called S.M. to tell her I was awake.

On Wednesday, I hadn't wanted to go to garden club because it was supposed to be very cold out and I wasn't looking forward to doing my secretarial duty.  Today, the day of the meeting, I didn't feel so reluctant, since I'd actually woken up in good time.  I wore four layers of clothes -- blouse, hoodie, fleece-lined hoodie, and winter coat, plus two scarves, to go out.  I got to our meeting place by 10:30 a.m.

My secretarial duty really wasn't bad, although some of the ladies went on and on with their committee reports.  I wrote "Name" reported on "this subject," with perhaps another line if it was important.  K.S. of garden club told us the history of the retirement home we donate flowers to twice a year.  The retirement home had been in existence since 1840.  The garden club president suggested we read through the minutes from then to the end of the twentieth century to see when we'd started donating flowers there.  They looked at me, since I'm the secretary.  I made a face of horror.  S.M. and P.M. said they'd do it.  They noted that the garden club had only been in existence since 1930.  I said, "So that's less than one hundred years of notes."

It was nice to see everyone.  We heard an interesting talk on houseplants from frequent speaker B.K.  He had brought in several houseplants, well wrapped against the cold, since at one point during the day it was eight degrees Fahrenheit out.  One was an anthurium.  S.M. had also brought in an anthurium, for her horticultural exhibit.  I took pictures and posted them on Tumblr.  I tagged Riah.  The visual references to the anthurium that appeared in "Load the Dice" go on and on.

I sent Rainjoy an e-mail with pictures of my Phalanx and the Ghost mug attached.  I had put those pictures up on Tumblr last night.  I happened to take the pictures with the mug on top of the case for the DVDs for season five of Glee, which was a happy accident.  You can see part of my bookshelf behind it, which books that range from The Mabinogi to Tom of Finland.  I have wide tastes in reading.

I resumed with the laundry I started yesterday.  All in all, it's been a pretty good day so far.  It was nice to get out and socialize.

My yellow jasmine is blooming.  I keep forgetting to journal about that.  I would have brought it in to garden club, but it's not hardy and it's in a ten- or twelve-inch diameter pot.

Rainjoy posted a new chapter of the Affinity!Verse.

Later: Mom and I watched "The Quarterback" and "A Katy or a Gaga."  Mom wept through "The Quarterback."  Even I was a little teary-eyed.  I wasn't a Finn fan, but it was so sad.  I had various grudges about things the character did, but I had nothing against the actor.
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