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autumn garden, jasmine

Pineapple sage blooming.  Some of the colchicum flowers have faded, but it's so pretty while it's blooming.  Autumn Damask rose bud has color showing.  Jasmine on the east window has been blooming for a few days.  The label for it says "star jasmine", but it's a true jasmine -- I've looked at photographs to try to figure out which species or cultivar it is, but there are at least two or three similar-looking possibilities readily available commercially.  The flowers are single -- just five petals.  It's definitely a vining type, which doesn't narrow things down much.  It has a nice fragrance -- distinct, but not overpowering.  Added Oct. 4th -- saw a few jasmines labeled "Jasmine nitidum" for sale in the garden shop where I got the one I have.  They look much the same as mine, so there's a strong possibilty.
Tags: flowers, gardening

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