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Saturday so far

I stayed on the computer until after midnight, still in my rabbit hole of reading threads on Absolute Write about publishing companies.  I went to bed at 1:00 a.m.  I woke before 10:00 a.m.

I did laundry.

Mom and I went to the grocery store, Ross' and a dollar store.

WhiteSheepCBD and I agreed that whichever one of us saw a Rainjoy update first would ping the other one.  We've been doing that informally anyway, but this was more of a formal agreement.

Later: I talked to Jules a bit.  She told me about Book View Cafe, and how it was having sales.  I looked to see who the authors were.  I commented that if I remembered correctly, I had read Judith Tarr's Avaryan books, and I'm pretty sure I read the Hound and the Falcon series.  Jules said that Tarr had a LiveJournal, and I became very excited.  Ursula Le Guin has a couple of books on the Book View Cafe, too.  I believe I read the Earthsea books when I was a teenager.  Those have been in print for a long time, and I sure they'll be in print for a long time to come.

Jules also said that there was a free novella at Dreamspinner Press.  I got it.  I posted about it on the "Free Books and Sales Events" thread on the Goodreads Backlot Gay Books forum.  The last time someone had posted on there, it was me.  I posted about JCP books being 20% off for a few days.  Some of the Backlot folks are big, big fans of hers.

On another look at Book View Cafe, I realized that I'd read Dreamsnake by Vonda McIntyre.  I used to read a *lot* of science fiction and fantasy.  I still read some, but more of what I read has a romance plot, too.

A book I'd read was on a Goodreads list: "Gay Romance with simple minded hero."  This was the description: "'Simple Minded' meaning low IQ, child-like, naive or even mildly intellectually/developmentally challenged."  "Simple-minded" is not the accepted terminology anymore.  I should comment to that effect.

It turned out I'd read the top three on the list.  A book lower down on the list was the book Malting by Sean Michael.  It was published by Totally Bound, which used to be Total e-Bound.  I got it and read it.  One of the protagonists calls himself "stupid" once, but I couldn't figure out why the book had hit that list.  It was pretty typical of Sean Michael's writing, which I enjoy.  Sean writes about characters with disabilities often enough, but that wasn't one of those books.

I started out by reading some of the books and stories Sean had published at Torquere  I've also read some stories of his published by AQP and Changeling.  I went through the works of his listed on Goodreads, nearly four hundred.  I recognized typical covers for Torquere, AQP and Changeling.  One that didn't look like a cover for one of those publishers turned out to be a Dreamspinner anthology.  I had just seen the Totally Bound books, and in retrospect, those did look like covers I'd seen on Total e-Bound books.  I must have read at least fifty of Sean's works, from short stories to the Jarheads novels. 
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