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Sunday I just rested and recovered from Saturday.  I was kind of restless, but I didn't want to go out in the pouring rain.  I finally settled down to watching clips from other soap operas that were on After Elton's "Gays of Our Lives" issues (  I think watching -- or rather, hearing -- the Dutch show is interfering somewhat with my learning German, but it's a cute show.  That's the one that translates as "Good Times, Bad Times."  Lucas is a gay teenager, played by a bisexual actor.  The actor is good, and the character is one lively boy.

I've been watching the clips of the German show which also translates as "Good Times, Bad Times."  Lenny, who is quite self-hating, set up his friend (and possibly lover), Carsten, to get gay-bashed by Lenny's gang.  Sure, Lenny feels bad about it now, but Carsten left town, and left Lenny a note saying that he despises him now, and never wants anything to do with him again.  The writer of "Gays of Our Lives" completely agreed with Carsten.  "How could the viewers ever want Lenny anywhere near Carsten again?" he asked.  I agree, too.  Even on a soap opera, there are some acts which characters should refuse to forgive.

Not too long after Deniz came to town on Alles Was Zahlt, Roman had outed himself by kissing Deniz.  Deniz was okay with it until his hockey team members started harassing him.  Deniz still tried to warn Roman that a couple of thuggish members of the team were planning on bashing him.  When he came across the attack, he refused to join in, ran away, and called the police.  He rightfully blamed himself -- and probably still does -- for running away instead of helping Roman.  But it's not like he set Roman up.  Roman forgave Deniz for it all two or three weeks after Deniz confessed to the entirety of his role in the events.  I think that was quick, but Roman does some pretty stupid things when he's in love.

Both versions of "Good Times, Bad Times," and a few weeks ago, One Life to Live, have tackled the subject of gay-bashing recently, as Lucas and his friend Arnoud were attacked on New Year's Eve on the Dutch show.  Lucas is having a hard time dealing with it.  It's a mental and emotional healing process, as well as the physical one.  Lucas just wants to put it all behind him and move on, but the people around him are telling him he needs to process it.  At least his family and friends are supportive.
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