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Friday so far

I turned off the computer around 11:30 p.m., and went to bed at 12:30 a.m.  I woke at 8:30 a.m., and decided to stay awake.

Mom and I went to the grocery store, where we saw P.

Jules had read an older entry of mine, and saw that I'd been trying to remember the names of older GLBT publishers.  I fell into a rabbit hole of reading threads about various publishing companies.  Michael Barnette had much to say about some of them.  He turned out to be right.  I looked up Anel Viz, who had been published by one of those companies.  Some of his books were still available on Amazon from a publishing company that I thought was defunct.  I am puzzled.  I was hoping his story "The Best Christmas Ever" was still available somewhere, because that was a very cute story, one of my favorite holiday romance ones.

I looked up Diana Copland, and saw that Grand Jete was available as a paperback from CreateSpace.  I'm glad it's still available somewhere, because I enjoyed that book.  She's got another book out from Carina.

Later: I posted about episode 8 of "Load the Dice."  Jamie's grandmother had broken her hip, so Jamie was her caregiver for a while.  It turned out she was eager to move into a retirement community.  I worked on and off for nine years as a nursing aide in nursing homes and retirement communities, when I was in school and then part-time sometimes when I was working other jobs.  The residents who felt they had had to move there were bitter.  Those who felt they'd had a choice were generally happier.  Jamie's grandmother lived in a "big house."  That would mean she'd have to get rid of most of her possessions.  She was looking forward to having her own room.  She was also looking forward to the food.  I imagined there would be disillusionment there for the character.  I said it was plausible enough that she'd be eager to move to a retirement community.

Jamie and Eric arranged for a scene with several concepts and activities.


First was wax play, during which Eric was, as typical for him in a scene, pretty careful.  Then it was artistic photos of Jamie's wax-decorated back.  Then it was the belt, and Jamie wanted Eric to ignore Jamie safewording, which they had discussed.  Eric ended up safewording, and pretty fast, too.  I said that as much as people talk about something, sometimes they can't be sure until they're doing it.  At least Eric used his words.  The characters are pushing each other's limits.  First it was Eric pushing Jamie, but emotionally going about it fairly gently.  Lately Jamie has been pushing Eric, too.  They've been finding out what doesn't work for them as well as what works.  Jamie wasn't into roleplaying a slave.  Eric wanted to keep it to his comfort zone of Safe, Sane and Consensual.  They're talking about what doesn't work for them, if not necessarily going into deep analysis about it with each other.

In the Master/slave roleplay in the previous episode, Eric was enjoying playing a master.  When Jamie turned out not to be into it, Eric thought about how he himself didn't need to have it for a relationship.  He didn't have to think about the implications of a white man in the U.S. playing a Master, which has all kinds of connotations back to slavery and racism.  Riah said she'd thought about it, especially with a white man playing Master and a person of color playing a slave.  She showed there was more to it than Eric's viewpoint of what worked for him, but Eric only thought about it on an individual level, not on an institutional level.

(*end spoilers*)

I put up more pictures of anthuriums.  I had taken the pictures at Longwood Gardens.  These were pink and white anthuriums.  That's also where I took the picture of the red anthurium I put up in the first place.  I tagged Riah.  I may put up pictures of the 'Red Lion' amaryllis.  I got a picture at Longwood Gardens where they were using it massed, and took several pictures of it at home, the one I got from Home Depot.

If I don't end up chatting online, I'll probably disappear back into the rabbit hole of commentary about various publishers.
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