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I did laundry.

I wanted to get at least a token entry for the day in while LiveJournal was actually up.  I got up before 11:00 a.m. today, which is way better than I'd been doing.

I spoke to A.J. about going to Longwood Gardens on Thursday.  The weather was less crappy today than I thought it would be, but there are supposed to be snow showers on Thursday.  Perhaps I should have kept it to today.

Since LiveJournal was down, I made several entries on Tumblr.  I'll probably delete most of those entries.  Apparently my tag for talking about race is "rambling on my part."  I wrote about how in "Load the Dice" episode 7, Eric and Jamie did Master/slave roleplaying.  Eric, a white character, enjoyed it.  Jamie, a character of color, was like, "Nope."  Jamie is half-Saudi, half-Vietnamese.  I don't think you can have a white American character playing a Master in a Master/slave scene without it having connotations of the history of slavery in the U.S.  Riah talked about attitudes towards Asians worldwide, but my focus was on the U.S. and slavery there.

C-is-for-circinate (formerly Narceus) is looking for a new fandom.  She wanted strong female characters, and the ability to multiship and polyship.  Also she wanted a show that's good about disability.  I recommended "The Musketeers" for the multishipping and strong women.  I said that the characters had 17th century attitudes towards disability.  She thought I was talking code for modern-day intolerant attitudes towards disabled people that are excused as historical accuracy.  I was not actually talking code.  What happened to Philippe was horrifying, but the way Agnes described it, she found it horrifying.  Ninon asked Athos if his melancholy air was a sign of mental vacancy.  Actually, having a feminist be bad on disability isn't that much of a stretch.  And Athos explained the name of the Court of Miracles by using the word "cripple."  Which they could have used "lame" or something like that for.  I think that was supposed to be 17th century attitudes, though.

Milady saying that Ninon had drugged her and used her was kind of a twist on what she said the Duke of Buckingham did in the book.  But it was unsympathetic characters making that up and using it as an excuse to condemn Ninon.  Sodomy was historically joined with treason as crimes people committed.

I think it's more the characters' attitudes than the BBC's attitudes, though the BBC doesn't seem to be too delicate on the issues.  They did much better with racism.  Porthos is a fully-realized character, in a society that isn't post-racial at all.  It actually turned into something of a critique of aspects of colonialism, which was surprising for a British show.

Someone suggested the Marvel Comics Universe/Marvel Cinematic Universe to C.  I thought about seconding that.  Marvel has an uneven at best treatment of disability, with a number of characters becoming evil because they're disabled, or trying to cure a disability.  Like Curt Connors turning himself into the Lizard, for example.  There's some good fic that's modern-day AU, no powers, where Bucky has a prosthesis and it's handled pretty well.  And stuff about a Steve Rogers who never got the super-soldier serum, and still had all his chronic health problems.  For some time, I've been reading fics where Hawkeye is deaf.  That's comic book canon.  But there are fic writers who treat canon disabilities well.  And there are strong female characters in that universe.

I told halobium I'd been writing about race.  I should e-mail them, but I don't know if they're up to answering e-mail.  I also don't know if they're familiar with Luke Cage.  Colton certainly was.  I wrote to black-john-lennon, too, but haven't heard from her.  I think Kay had a lot of real life stuff going on, though.  With Tumblr I definitely feel like I'm talking into a void.  The LiveJournal is supposed to be the place where I say what I actually feel, and without caring if anyone is reading it.
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