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Monday so far

I went to bed not that long after midnight.  I woke at 9:00 a.m., then went back to sleep until 11:00 a.m.

I may go to the Y today.  Other than that, I don't really have plans.

Later: It rained much of the day, but wasn't really cold.  I went out to pick up dinner.  I read more of the "Love Is For Children" series.  I didn't read the poetry ones, but I read the prose ones, up through # 19.  The last chapter of # 19 is on Dreamwidth.  I found it.

WhiteSheepCBD sent me a text to tell me that Rainjoy had updated the Affinity!Verse.  This chapter had Emile and Maria Bonnaire.  It wasn't how I expected they'd show up.  Rainjoy is having so much happen before d'Artagnan shows up.  It's been over 700 pages in the Affinity!Verse, and still no d'Artagnan.

Later still: I talked with A.C. for a while.  One of her sisters has Down Syndrome, so she was interested to hear that I'd been making friends with A.J.

Another Musketeers fic updated.  It's a modern-day college/university one, and it's pretty intense, but good.  There's a lot of angst, but it's from Athos' viewpoint, which includes some inherently.  The title is the Latin for "All for one and one for all."
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