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and clips from yesterday and today's soap opera

There's quite a lot else going on with other storylines, and I'm a little surprised that EKP didn't show at least a second or two of Lena's wedding.  She looked beautiful.  They're sticking with Jenny's ice skating and sad glances at Marian, and to parts of Ingo's flop as a comedian.  There hasn't been a whole lot of Deniz in this week's episodes, but at least he's appeared here and there, with Annette and at Marian's bar, No. 7.  I guess EKP wants to do less than half of each episode, if possible, unless the episode concentrates really heavily on Roman and Deniz.

More later...

Lisabea is back, and continues her obsession with AWZ's Roman Wild, and Dennis G., the actor who plays him.  She's finding some cute pictures of Dennis G., so no complaints from me.  He might be a little frightened of LB's total obsession, but her "invisible, imaginary Internet friends" can reassure him that she's harmless.  Enthusiastic, sure, but harmless.
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