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Sunday so far

It's been very quiet. I turned the computer off at 10:30 p.m., and went to bed at midnight.  I woke at 3:00 a.m., and was up at least until 4:00.  I fell back to sleep eventually, and slept until 11:00.  I should have gotten up when my alarm went off at 10:00, but I was still very sleepy and groggy.

I texted some with WhiteSheepCBD to ask her if she'd read the latest chapter of the Affinity!Verse.  There was a lot I expected to happen after d'Artagnan showed up, and at least some of it is happening before that.


Charon was killed off in a knife fight, in London.  Affinity!Verse Aramis thinks he did it, because he can remember it, not knowing that it's past!Aramis' memories.  Affinity!Verse Athos and Porthos know that Affinity!Verse Aramis didn't do it.  I expected that the boys would confront Charon in South London, that perhaps he would be a rift, too, or at least a danger to them.  Instead his death happened more or less "offscreen."


Rainjoy said that "The Musketeers" Porthos never got a character arc, that he was shown cheating and lying, and never got to learn not to.  She seemed to think it was especially bad that he lied to Alice.  I had taken it as Alice knowing that Porthos was lying about having met her late husband years ago and playing along with him.  Then I thought that Porthos had grown to genuinely like her.  Rainjoy loathed the lying.  It's true that the Musketeers use women at one time or another.  That's right from the book, that they're users.  But mostly they learn better in the TV series.

Slightly later: I went outside.  The pineapple sage looks very nice.

Later: I read fic from the various fandoms I read.

I chatted with WhiteSheepCBD for some time.
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