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Monday so far

I went to bed around 1:00 a.m.  I don't think it took me long to get to sleep.  I woke at 10:00 a.m. with my alarm.

I had only seen that "The Musketeers" was in reruns at episode 3.  Episodes 1 and 2 must have been on last week.  The episodes start at 10:00 a.m.  I watched episode 3 on and off while I had breakfast and did my usual morning things.  Several minutes were cut to take it from an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour.  I had set it to tape from 9:55 to 10:20 instead of 9:55 to 11:20.  I was very tired by the time Dad stopped taping the football game and post game report, and my timing was off.  I changed it to 9:55 to 11:05 for taping the episodes for the rest of the week.

A few hours later: I went to the dentist.  My teeth were in relatively good shape.  I stopped at a grocery store on the way back and got sushi, so I'd have something soft to eat for dinner.

I chatted with Riah for a bit.  She had posed the question to Tumblr of whether she should get pizza.  She ended up getting the pizza.

YMCA-P. called, but when I answered, the connection went out after a moment.  I called back.  I told him about my adventures with the dentist.

I watched the TV-movie "Young Hercules," which I had taped many years ago, to see if it would be appropriate for the Friday Night Friends group.  It was actually kind of dark, with character death.  I'll see if I can find lighter shows.

I watched "The Musketeers," episodes 8 and 9, on DVD, with subtitles.  I get a lot more of the dialogue that way. 
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