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Apparently Kris of Kris 'n' Good Books ( is hooked on AWZ now, too.  I figured that once Lisabea ( posted about it, a bunch of people would get curious.  Lisabea has a broad range of influence.  So Water Tower, wherever she's from, hooked me on the show.  I reposted the links for it (see previous entries tagged "soap opera") on the M/M romance fans group and Lisabea got curious.  There we go from Pennsylvania to Connecticut, and then from Connecticut to Kris in Australia.  Tam in Canada seemed dangerously close to checking it out, as well.  Apparently interest in the characters and the show continues to spread among gay romance fans in at least four English-speaking countries.  The German-speaking member of the EKP trio, Aldi, lives in New Zealand.  She does the translations, and I think the subtitles as well.  (Edited: Nope, Shelly does the subtitles, and does a wonderful job of them.)  For some reason, the folks in the M/M romance fan group seemed particularly interested in what is referred to in English as "the shower scene."  As though Roman and Deniz hadn't had several shower scenes.  I can't even count how many times they've at least made out in that locker room.  But it's the fairly daring (and beautiful) scene at the start of episode 751, or at least the start of the clip, which has gotten that title.

I really wouldn't mind paying a certain amount a year to see all the episodes in the AWZ archives, if they took payments in other than euros, and you could subscribe without having a German suffix on your e-mail, and if they subtitled the episodes.  I'm fine with watching the episodes which are free for that week, but I don't want to pay if I can't understand what's going on.

On a more cheerful note, Deniz was on today's show, with Annette and Ingo, and then in the bar with Marian and Celine.  Between Roman's friends and Deniz's family and friends, and Roman's new job, the guys are involved in nearly every storyline on the show at least peripherally, and much more than peripherally in two or three storylines.  AWZ has really integrated the characters pretty thoroughly. 
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